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NASA Directive: NPD 8810.2
POLICY Effective Date:October 07, 2003
DIRECTIVECancellation Date:December 09, 2009

This Document is Obsolete and Is No Longer Used.
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Responsible Office: LD3

Subject: Master Planning for Real Property


Each Center is to prepare and maintain a Center Real Property Master Plan (CMP). A CMP is the Center's statement of its concept for the orderly management and future development of the Center's real property assets, including land, buildings, physical resources, and infrastructure. It is the overall plan for Center development. It provides a narrative, statistical, and a graphic record of current capabilities and conditions (natural features, buildings, structures, utilities, transportation systems and other improvements), as well as proposed conceptual capabilities necessary to support program requirements, Enterprise requirements, and the NASA Strategic Plan. The CMP shall be integrated with and support NASA's Strategic Plan, Enterprise Strategies, NASA's Real Property Strategic Plan, and the Center's Implementation Plan. The CMP shall be prepared in accordance with applicable NASA implementing guidelines and other planning processes, including environmental planning. The CMP shall comply with requirements established by pertinent statutes and regulations, Office of Management and Budget circulars, Executive orders, and Agency directives and guidance.


This NPD is applicable to all NASA Centers, including Component Facilities.


The National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 2473.


a. Executive Order 12372, Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs.

b. NPR 1000.2, NASA Strategic Management Handbook.


a. The Director, Facilities Engineering and Real Property Division, is responsible for the following activities:

(1) Providing corporate leadership regarding the development and management of NASA CMPs, including the development and dissemination of NASA master planning guidance and advocacy of funding for CMPs.

(a) Reviewing and concurring on each newly prepared or significantly modified CMP.

(b) Coordinating the review of new and significantly modified master plans with Enterprise Institutional Program Offices (IPOs) and applicable Headquarters Functional Offices.

(c) Consulting with the customer Enterprises and Headquarters Functional Offices, as appropriate, before concurring on each CMP.

(2) Providing corporate leadership and advocacy for Agencywide cross- Center planning for land, buildings, resources, and infrastructure. In collaboration with the Enterprise IPOs and Headquarters Functional Offices, ensuring a coordinated Agency perspective for planning for support of mission requirements with land, buildings resources, and infrastructure.

b. NASA Center Directors are responsible for the following activities:

(1) Establishing a Master Planning Steering Group composed of senior leadership individuals representing all key Center activities. The Master Planning Steering Group shall develop the Center's future concept and ensure that the CMPs encompasses the goals and objectives necessary to meet the Center's current and projected future mission in harmony with the surrounding community and the natural environment to the extent practicable.

(2) Designating an organizational element within the Center to be responsible for preparing the CMP and reviewing and updating the CMP at not less than 5-year intervals.

(3) Signing the newly prepared or significantly modified CMP, or validating, in writing, the CMP following the required 5-year review. This responsibility cannot be delegated.

(4) Developing procedures to ensure that the siting of Center facilities, in conjunction with the Construction of Facilities program, have been coordinated with and are consistent with the CMP.

(5) Ensuring appropriate consultation and review of the CMP by affected state and local governments in compliance with Executive Order 12372, Intergovernmental Review of Federal Programs.

(6) Ensuring receipt of Headquarters concurrence on a newly prepared or significantly modified CMP before signature.

(7) Providing copies of or access to (if Web-based) the CMP to Headquarters.

c. The Enterprises are responsible for participating in the development of the CMPs at those Centers that support their programs to ensure conformance to the NASA Strategic Plan and the Enterprise Strategies and to ensure cross-Center and cross-Enterprise alignment.







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This Document is Obsolete and Is No Longer Used.
Check the NODIS Library to access the current version: