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This Document is Obsolete and Is No Longer Used.
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NPR 8705.2A
Effective Date: February 07, 2005
Cancellation Date: May 06, 2008
Responsible Office: GA

Human-Rating Requirements for Space Systems


Table of Contents


P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 Applicable Documents
P.5 Cancellation


Chapter 1. Institutional and Programmatic Requirements

1.1 Roles and Responsibilities
1.2 Overview of the Human-Rating Certification Process
1.3 General Requirements
1.4 Human-Rating Independent Review Team
1.4.1 Human-Rating Independent Review Team Purpose
1.4.2 Human-Rating Independent Review Team Membership
1.4.3 Human-Rating Independent Review Team Membership Concurrences
1.5 Human-Rating Plan
1.5.1 Human-Rating Plan Development
1.5.2 Human-Rating Plan Content
1.5.3 Tailoring and Exceptions to Human-Rating Requirements Documented in Plan
1.5.4 Tailoring Process and Approvals
1.5.5 Exceptions Process and Approvals
1.5.6 Human-Rating Plan - Preliminary Review
1.5.7 Human-Rating Plan - Final Review
1.5.8 Human-Rating Plan Approval and Concurrences
1.5.9 Human-Rating Requirements Plan Compliance
1.5.10 Deviation Process and Approval
1.5.11 Waiver Process and Approval
1.6 Programmatic Requirements
1.6.1 Critical Functions
1.6.2 Cumulative Risk Goals
1.6.3 System Safety and Mission Assurance
1.6.4 Human Factors Engineering
1.6.5 General Testing and Verification
1.6.6 Human-In-The-Loop Testing
1.6.7 Software Testing
1.6.8 Flight Testing
1.7 Human-Rating Certification
1.7.1 Human-Rating Certification Request
1.7.2 Human-Rating Certification Recommendation
1.7.3 Human-Rating Certification
1.7.4 Human-Rating Certification Concurrences
1.7.5 Sustaining Human-Rating Certification
1.7.6 Suspension of Human-Rating Certification
1.7.7 Human-Rating Certification Reinstatement

Chapter 2. Standards

Chapter 3. System Design Requirements

3.1 Two-Failure Tolerance
3.2 Human-System Interactions (Crew)
3.3 Human-System Interactions (Ground Control)
3.4 Crew Workload
3.5 Fault Detection, Isolation, and Recovery
3.6 Health and Status Data
3.7 Autonomous Operation
3.8 Crew and Passenger Survival for Generic System
3.9 Crew and Passenger Survival
3.10 Flight Control Systems
3.11 Proximity Operations
3.12 Flight Termination


Appendix A. Additional Related References
Appendix B. Definitions
Appendix C. History and Rationale


This Document is Obsolete and Is No Longer Used.
Check the NODIS Library to access the current version: