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NPR 1387.1
Effective Date: January 09, 1999
Expiration Date: May 09, 2017
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Subject: NASA Exhibits Program w/Change 2 (Revalidated 03/17/10)

Responsible Office: Office of Communications

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CHAPTER 1. Responsibilities

1.1 The Associate Administrator for Communications has management responsibilities for the NASA Exhibit Program.

1.2. The Deputy Associate Administrator of Outreach, NASA Headquarters, is responsible for developing policy and standards, defining requirements and objectives, delegating lead Center assignments and assessing Center performance of the NASA Exhibits Program.

1.2.1 Excluded from the overall management responsibility of the Associate Administrator, Office of Communications, are those exhibits designed principally for professional and technical audiences such as at workshops, seminars, and symposiums. These exhibits usually portray special projects, equal employment opportunity, program assurance (quality/safety/reliability), and technology utilization. However, when it is in the best interest of NASA that these exhibits be shown to the general public, responsible officials, i.e. Program Managers, Centers, Mission Directorates, etc., shall, during the exhibit planning stage, consult with the Deputy Associate Administrator for Outreach to coordinate the story line and design considerations and ensure consistency with NASA objectives. When technical events are designated "Agency-Level", the coordination, design, content, etc., will be at the discretion and direction of the Deputy Associate Administrator or his/her designee.

1.3 The Agency Exhibits Manager, NASA Headquarters, shall provide direction coordination and guidance for the NASA Exhibits Program, to include procuring and managing the exhibits inventory; appraising and providing guidance for the design and construction of exhibits and procurement methodology; monitoring exhibit activities at all NASA Visitor Information Centers; and monitoring plans for participation at off-site nontraditional and traditional venues and international exhibitions.

1.4 The Center Directors shall designate a Center Exhibits Manager, who will conduct and administer the NASA Exhibits Program.

1.5 The Center Exhibit Managers shall conduct and administer the NASA Exhibits Program as follows:

a. Conduct and administer the NASA Exhibits Program within his or her respective geographic region and Center as defined in Chapter 4 and in conformance with the policy and procedures set forth in NPD 1387.1 and this NPR, respectively.

b. Be responsible for the management and scheduling of exhibits within his/her assigned geographic region.

c. Screen, evaluate, and act on requests for exhibits in his/her assigned geographic region in accordance with the criteria set forth in this document.

d. Promote agency-wide display of exhibit and artifact inventory items at official NASA Visitor Centers and for indefinite-term loans to museums, science centers, and planetaria.

e. Provide items, such as photographs, audiovisual/multimedia and resource materials, to museums, science centers and planetaria for the development and construction of exhibits.

f. Recommend subjects, techniques, and particularly low-cost design and construction methods and materials for exhibits and improvements to existing exhibits to the Agency Exhibits Manager.

g. Coordinate and consult with the Agency Exhibits Manager regarding selected off-site venues or exhibit loan requests when--

(1) There is doubt as to whether the venue or exhibit request meets the criteria established in Chapter 35.

(2) There is doubt as to whether a short- or long-term exhibit request should be declined because of excessive cost to NASA.

(3) There is a large domestic exhibition that requires the coordinated resources of two or more NASA Centers or when the total display area, including viewing aisles, exceeds 2,500 square feet. Centers should plan on a lead-time of about 6 months to negotiate, coordinate, process, and execute exhibits of this magnitude. Normally, requests received less than 3 months in advance preclude NASA's acceptance.

(4) There is a Congressional request. NASA Centers will advise the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs, NASA Headquarters, of such requests in accordance with the provisions of NPR 1450.4, "Handling Congressional Correspondence and Information Concerning Congressional Activities." The Agency Exhibits Manager and the Office of Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs will coordinate the response to such requests with the cognizant NASA Center.

(5) There is a request for an international showing. All foreign requests for a NASA exhibit or related activity will be referred to the Agency Exhibits Manager through the Center Exhibits Manager or the Mission Directorate Outreach liaison. The NASA organization that receives the initial request should acknowledge receipt of the request and inform the requester that there is a review process for international exhibits. The Agency Exhibits Manager will consult with the Office of External Relations, NASA Headquarters, for guidance and adherence to applicable policies and to jointly determine if the request can or cannot be fulfilled. If approved, the Office of External Relations will negotiate arrangements with the appropriate agency(s), domestic and foreign, i.e., the Department of State or Department of Commerce. The Agency Exhibits Manager will arrange to fulfill the request with the cognizance and participation, if required, of the NASA Center involved.

(6) Ensure ready access to NASA exhibits for people with disabilities whenever and wherever possible

h. Provide advice and consultation to on-Center and off-Center requests for display of NASA exhibits, artifacts, models, multi-media and other dimensional items used to communicate NASA information.

i. In the conduct of its exhibits program, each NASA Center shall perform the following:

(1) Negotiate and sign a loan agreement with the requester or with any entity to which NASA exhibits, artifacts, and/or other assets are loaned.

(2) Monitor the performance of its exhibits management contractor, if any, and ensure that established guidelines are followed.

(3) Provide a monthly report of the exhibit activity at their Center to the Agency Exhibits Manager. The report as defined in Appendix A will list the monthly total of events and visitors to NASA exhibits.

(4) Obtain feedback and measure the performance of the NASA Exhibits Program and provide semiannual statistics to the Agency Exhibits Manager. The statistics should incorporate feedback from exhibit organizers, exhibit requesters, and visitors. e. Include any steps taken to improve the exhibits, processes, and services based on established metrics in the semi-annual submission.

(5) Conduct periodic assessments at Headquarters to determine if additional data collection is required. If so, new requirements would be discussed and mutually agreed upon by both Headquarters and relevant Centers prior to implementation.

(6) Ensure that special events and major exhibit presences are input into NASA's Master Events Calendar, managed by the Office of Communications Planning and Outreach, Strategic Communications, NASA Headquarters.

(7) Ensure that exhibit and asset inventory is properly documented in the NASA Exhibits database. Periodically check inventory for completeness and accuracy.

(8) Ensure that Exhibits webpage reflects accurate and current exhibit assets at each Center.

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