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NPR 1387.1
Effective Date: January 09, 1999
Expiration Date: May 09, 2017
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Subject: NASA Exhibits Program w/Change 2 (Revalidated 03/17/10)

Responsible Office: Office of Communications

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CHAPTER 3. Criteria for Evaluation or Requests for NASA Exhibits

3.1 Exhibit Requests

3.1.1 Requests for NASA exhibits shall be reviewed and evaluated according to the following criteria.

a. The event must be professional, trade, civic, educational, or public service in nature. This would include national and state educational groups and events, such as the Treasury Department's Savings Bonds drives. Joint NASA/DOD (Department of Defense) events must define carefully the civilian mission of space exploration. Professional and trade meetings must be evaluated to ensure that the requester does not benefit commercially from a NASA presence. Local events of short duration and small attendance usually do not justify the expense of providing exhibits, staff and other assets and should be declined unless there are extenuating circumstances.

b. Use of NASA exhibits must give no unfair commercial advantage. This criterion normally rules out individual businesses and advertising uses, but not shopping centers or public relations firms that organize events for public service or educational sponsors. See 3.3. below.

c. The requester must be asked to assume all onsite and transportation costs. The Public Affairs Office at each NASA Center will exercise good judgment and discretion in evaluating all loan requests and related cost-benefits. See 3.1.5. and 3.2.

(1) Short-term and long-term loans. In extenuating circumstances, where a loan approval is considered in the best interest of NASA, transportation costs, usually one-way, may be borne by NASA at the discretion of the Public Affairs Office at each NASA Center.

(2) Indefinite-term loans. Indefinite-term loans are encouraged and transportation costs, one-way or total cost, may be borne by NASA at the discretion of the Public Affairs Office at each NASA Center.

(3) On-Site Costs. The requester must be asked to pay for all local drayage; labor for unpacking, erecting, dismantling, repacking; and such other local outlays as site rentals, guides, janitorial services, crate storage, electricity, telephone or cable/internet installation and use, insurance, and maintenance of the exhibit during the event. The requirement for insurance may be waived for nonprofit institutions and in exceptional instances when, in the judgment of the NASA Centers' Exhibits Managers, the requirement is burdensome or the risk is small.

d. There must be no admission fee for the NASA exhibit. Although a NASA exhibit may be part of a larger exposition that charges an admission fee, such as a state fair, the NASA exhibit may never be the major attraction of any such event nor may there be a separate admission for the NASA exhibit. See 3.3. below.

e. Exhibits requested for short-duration events generally do not justify the expense. Such events must be evaluated on the basis of such factors as availability of exhibits, nature of event, and willingness of sponsor to assume all or most of the costs. This criterion also applies to those exhibits not requiring contractor supervisor services.

3.2 Showings Initiated by NASA

NASA Centers may take the initiative to place their exhibits at selected events when it is deemed necessary or desirable. In such cases, the criteria in 3.1.3 and 3.1.5 do not apply.

3.3 Evaluation Guidelines

3.3.1 The following are guidelines for evaluating requests for NASA exhibits that have commercial overtones:

a. Acceptable. An event at a shopping center, whether sponsored by the shopping center, civic group, or trade association, regardless of whether the sponsor works through a professional organizer, and provided no admission is charged, and no special sales promotion event is connected with the appearance of NASA articles.

b. Not Acceptable. If the display is at one place of business, such as an individual store, department store or chain store, or if the event involves only one product, service, or manufacturer.

c. Acceptable. Civic event sponsored by a local municipality, county, or State, regardless of whether general admission is charged.

d. Not Acceptable. Events where a special admission would be charged to view NASA articles.

e. Acceptable. Fund-raising event for nonprofit charitable institutions, if sponsored by a government organization or civic group representing more than one sponsor and more than one beneficiary, e.g., the United Way or a Chamber of Commerce.

f. Not Acceptable. If the sponsoring or beneficiary group is religious, political, or one whose purpose is contrary to public policy, or one which unlawfully discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

g. Acceptable. Trade association event, e.g., auto show, flower show, or home show, regardless of whether sponsor works through a professional organizer, and whether general admission is charged, provided event is nonprofit, or proceeds are donated to charity, and organizer (if any) is paid a flat fee.

h. Not Acceptable. Events organized by a professional organizer, where admission is charged, and the professional organizer retains all profits where their fee is on a percentage basis, as opposed to a flat fee.

i. Acceptable. Events where NASA exhibits and participation are incidental to main event, even though main event is private and profit-making, e.g., sports events, provided the size of the audience makes it worthwhile for NASA to participate with exhibits and staff.

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