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NPR 1600.3
Effective Date: May 31, 2012
Expiration Date: May 31, 2017
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Subject: Personnel Security (Change 2, April 29, 2013)

Responsible Office: Office of Protective Services

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P.1 Purpose

a. This NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) establishes the Agency-wide personnel security program implementation requirements set forth in NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 1600.2E, NASA Security Policy, as amended.

b. This NPR prescribes personnel security program responsibilities and procedural requirements for the investigation, security clearance determination, continuous evaluation, contractor fitness, adjudication, and appeals of NASA Federal and contractor employees.

P.2 Applicability

a. This NPR is applicable to NASA Headquarters and all NASA Centers, including Component Facilities and Technical and Service Support Centers. This language applies to JPL (a Federally Funded Research and Development Center), other contractors, grant recipients, or parties to agreements only to the extent specified or referenced in the appropriate contracts, grants, or agreements.

b. This NPR is applicable to all NASA civil service employees, NASA contractor employees, personnel completing work through Space Act Agreements or Memorandums of Agreement (MOA) or Memorandums of Understanding (MOU), those assigned or detailed under the Intergovernmental Personnel Act, partners, recipients of grants and cooperative agreements, and visitors.

c. In this directive, all document citations are the latest version unless otherwise noted.

d. In this NPD, all mandatory actions (i.e., requirements) are denoted by statements containing the term "shall." The terms: "may" or "can" denote discretionary privilege or permission, "should" denotes a good practice and is recommended, but not required, "will" denotes expected outcome, and "are/is" denotes descriptive materials.

P.3 Authority

a. National Aeronautics and Space Act, as amended, 51 U.S.C. § 20113 (a)

P.4 Applicable Documents and Forms

a. National Security Positions, 5 C.F.R. pt. 732

b. Suitability, 5 C.F.R. pt. 731

c. National Security Information, 32 C.F.R. pt. 2003

d. Suspension and Removal, 5 U.S.C. § 7532

e. Executive Order 10450, Security Requirements for Government Employment, of April 17, 1953, as amended

f. Executive Order 12829, National Industrial Security Program, of January 6, 1995, as amended

g. Executive Order 12968, Access to Classified Information, of August 2, 1999, as amended

h. Executive Order 13467, Reforming Processes Related to Suitability for Government Employment, fitness for contractor employees, and eligibility for Access to Classified National Security Information, of June 30, 2008

i. Executive Order 13488, Granting Reciprocity on Excepted Service and Federal Contractor Employee Fitness and Reinvestigating Individuals in Position of Trust, of January 22, 2009

j. Executive Order 13526, Classified National Security Information, of December 29, 2009

k. Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), Policy for a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees and Contractors of August 27, 2004

l. Federal Information Processing Standards, (FIPS 201), "Personnel Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors," March 2006, as amended

m. Office of Personnel Management Memorandum for Heads of Departments and Agencies, Chief Human Capital Officers, and Agency Security Officers, "Introduction of Credentialing, Suitability, and Security Clearance Decision-Making Guide," dated January 14, 2008

n. Office of Personnel Management Memorandum for Heads of Departments and Agencies, "Final Credentialing Standards for Issuing Personal Identity Verification Cards Under HSPD-12," dated July 31, 2008

o. White House Memorandum for William Leonard, Director, Information Security Oversight Office, and Subject: Adjudicative Guidelines, Tab A, "Revised Adjudicative Guidelines for Determining Eligibility for Access to Classified Information," dated December 29, 2005

p. Office of Personnel Management Federal Investigations Notice No. 10-05, "Reminder to Agencies of the Standards for Issuing Credentials under HSPD-12," dated May 17, 2010

q. NPD 1440.6H, NASA Records Management

r. NPR 1441.1D, NASA Records Retention Schedules

s. NPR 1600.2A, NASA Classified National Security Information (CNSI)

t. Standard Form SF 50, Notification of Personnel Action

u. Standard Form SF 85, Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions

v. Standard Form SF 85P, Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions

w. Standard Form SF 86, Questionnaire for National Security Positions

x. Standard Form SF 85P-S, Supplemental Questionnaire for Selected Positions

y. Standard Form SF 87, OPM Fingerprint Card

z. Standard Form SF 312, Classified Information Nondisclosure Statement

aa. Standard Form 2018A, Special Access Request Secret Compartmented Information

bb. FD 258, FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card

cc. INV Form 79A, Report of Agency Adjudicative Action on OPM Personnel Investigations

dd. INV Form 79C, Report of Agency Unfavorable Adjudicative Action on OPM Investigations

ee. Optional Form OF 306, Declaration for Federal Employment

ff. Optional Form OF 8, Position Description

gg. NASA Form 1630, Request for Access to CNSI

hh. NASA Form 1684, Authorization of Credit Release Report

P.5 Measurement/Verification

a. Compliance with this NPR shall be accomplished by Agency-wide application of uniform suitability, security clearance, contractor fitness, and adjudication procedures that foster reciprocity, reduce duplication efforts, and ensure consistent quality standards for adjudication procedures. Measurement of compliance will rely upon objective and modern analytic methods rather than practices that avoid risk.

b. The Office of Protective Services (OPS) audits, conducts functional reviews of the Centers, and conducts spot-checks and inspections to review Center compliance and implementation of this NPR. OPS audits/reviews are conducted at least every three years, or sooner as required to determine compliance with this NPR. The findings of the audits/reviews are provided to the applicable Center Director for resolution no later than 30 days from the completion of the reviews/audits.

P.6 Cancellation

a. NPR 1600.1, NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements, Chapters 2, 3, 4, and Appendixes A, B, C, M, and N, dated, November 3, 2004.

b. NASA Interim Directive (NID) 1600-96, NASA Personnel Security, dated, July 20, 2011.

Dr. Woodrow Whitlow, Jr.
Associate Administrator, Mission Support Directorate

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