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NPR 1900.3B
Effective Date: April 23, 2007
Expiration Date: October 23, 2017
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Subject: Ethics Program Management

Responsible Office: Office of the General Counsel

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CHAPTER 2: Level of Headquarters Involvement

2.1 General

Each type of ethics action will trigger a corresponding level of involvement by Headquarters. Unless specifically reserved to the DAEO or ADAEO, Headquarters means the ethics officials within the Office of the General Counsel. The continuum of Headquarters involvement with Center actions ranges from general guidance to direct Headquarters action.

2.2 General Guidance

This is the lowest level of Headquarters involvement in Center ethics actions. This does not mean that Headquarters must provide guidance on each and every action, but rather that Headquarters may provide guidance when necessary or helpful to the resolution of that type of action. Center ethics officials are expected to follow applicable Headquarters guidance, but are not normally required to involve Headquarters in specific matters. Centers should consult with Headquarters on specific cases when the sensitivity of the matter warrants it or when Headquarters' expertise or perspective is needed.

2.3 Information Copy

For types of actions identified as "information copy," Centers will be required to send a copy of written opinions and determinations to Headquarters after they are issued.

2.4 Prior Coordination

These types of actions require notice to Headquarters sufficiently in advance to allow meaningful input prior to the Center taking any final action on the matter. Depending on the circumstances, verbal coordination may be sufficient.

2.5 Concurrence

These types of actions require the prior written concurrence of Headquarters.

2.6 Headquarters Action

For these types of actions, Headquarters has the lead responsibility and signature authority for the action.

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