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NPR 1900.3B
Effective Date: April 23, 2007
Expiration Date: October 23, 2017
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Subject: Ethics Program Management

Responsible Office: Office of the General Counsel

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CHAPTER 7: Ethics Training

7.1 Training for Ethics Officials and Ethics Committee Members

The Alternate DAEO will arrange for training for Ethics Officials Agencywide and for the Ethics Committee Members.

7.2 Annual Ethics Training

7.2.1 Policy

In the interests of economy and quality, one foundational version of annual ethics training materials will be developed for use at the option of each Center, in whole or in part, to fulfill the regulatory mandate to provide annual ethics training to financial disclosure filers.

7.2.2 Rotation of Duties for Training Materials

The Associate General Counsel for General Law (Code GG) and each NASA Center, in rotation, will be assigned the responsibility of preparing foundational annual ethics training materials. The "training Center" rotation will be: Marshall Space Flight Center; Stennis Space Center; Glenn Research Center; Langley Research Center; Headquarters Code GG; Kennedy Space Center; Johnson Space Center; Goddard Space Flight Center; Ames Research Center; and Dryden Flight Research Center. The rotation may be subject to change due to extenuating circumstances with the agreement of Headquarters Code GG, the Ethics Committee, and the appropriate Chief Counsels.

7.2.3 Choice of Annual Training Topic

In October of each year, the Ethics Committee will meet and discuss topics for inclusion in the following year's training materials, based on, for example, changes in law or regulation, current events, or specific ethics needs and trends identified through the program review function. After considering the Ethics Committee's recommendations, the Center responsible for that year's materials will make the final decisions regarding content, format(s), and methods.

7.2.4 Review and Production Process for Training Materials

No later than February 15 of the training year, the training Center will complete a draft version of the materials and submit that draft to each Chief Counsel and Code GG for review, with comments due by March 1 of that same training year. After receiving and considering any such comments, the training Center shall complete and publish the final version of the materials in an appropriate format at the Annual Chief Counsel's Conference.

7.3 Training Library

A library of ethics training materials used by the NASA Centers and Headquarters will be maintained either on the Document Management System or on CD-Rom. In addition to annual training materials, the archive will include Deputy Ethics Official training materials and related subjects (e.g., training modules on the Intergovernmental Personnel Act, Federal Advisory Committee Act, Hatch Act).

7.4 Web-based Training

The Site for On-Line Learning and Resources (SOLAR) ethics training module will be updated and maintained by Code GG with the assistance of the Ethics Committee.

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