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NPR 3335.1H
Effective Date: December 01, 2010
Expiration Date: July 01, 2016

(NASA Only)

Subject: Internal Placement of NASA Employees

Responsible Office: Office of Human Capital Management

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Table of Contents


P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 Applicable Documents and Forms
P.5 Measurement/Verification
P.6 Cancellation

Chapter 1. NASA's Competitive Placement Plan - General Provisions

1.1 Applicant Selection
1.2 Bilateral Consultation and Collective Bargaining

Chapter 2. Responsibilities

2.1 Human Resources Directors
2.2 Supervisors
2.3 Employees

Chapter 3. Competitive Procedures

3.1 When Competitive Procedures Are Required
3.2 When Competitive Procedures Are Not Required
3.3 Special Considerations
3.4 Area of Consideration
3.5 Announcements
3.6 Application Period
3.7 Application Procedures
3.8 Concurrent Consideration of Outside Applicants
3.9 Determining Basic Qualifications
3.10 Evaluation of Candidates
3.11 Competitive Placement Certificate
3.12 Interviews
3.13 Release
3.14 Timeliness

Chapter 4. Assignments to Agency-Level Functions

4.1 Purpose
4.2 Coverage
4.3 Duration of Assignments
4.4 Temporary Promotions
4.5 Duty Locations
4.6 Eligibility to Apply for Vacancies
4.7 Placement of Returning Employees

Chapter 5. Other Provisions

5.1 Information to Candidates
5.2 Employee Grievances

Chapter 6. The Upward Mobility Program - General Provisions

6.1 Program Definitions
6.2 Upward Mobility Program Objectives

Chapter 7. Key Roles and Responsibilities

7.1 Human Resources Directors
7.2 Upward Mobility Coordinators
7.3 Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Program Directors
7.4 Training Officers
7.5 Managers and Supervisors
7.6 Interested and Participating Employees

Chapter 8. Program Planning

8.1 Initial Planning
8.2 Identifying Positions

Chapter 9. Career Counseling

Chapter 10. Program Implementation

10.1 Sources of Eligibles
10.2 Area of Consideration
10.3 Qualification Requirements
10.4 Announcing the Position
10.5 Application Procedures

Chapter 11. The Selection Process

11.1 Evaluation of Applicants
11.2 The Rating and Ranking Process
11.3 Selection
11.4 Release

Chapter 12. Training Agreements

Chapter 13. Individual Development Plans

Chapter 14. Employee Evaluation

Chapter 15. Program Evaluation

Chapter 16. Required Reports

Appendix A. Definitions

Appendix B. Acronyms

Appendix C. Information Required for Competitive Placement Records


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