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NPR 3430.1C
Effective Date: May 01, 2007
Expiration Date: November 01, 2016

(NASA Only)

Subject: NASA Employee Performance Communication System (EPCS) - Change 6 (10/29/10)

Responsible Office: Office of Human Capital Management

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Table of Contents

Change Log


P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 References
P.5 Cancellation

CHAPTER 1. Responsibility

1.1 Director, Workforce Management and Development Division
1.2 Administrator and Deputy Administrator
1.3 Center Directors and Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices (OICs)
1.4 Center Directors and the Assistant Administrator for Infrastructure and Administration
1.5 Center Human Resources Directors
1.6 Rating Officials
1.7 Reviewing Officials

CHAPTER 2. Objectives

CHAPTER 3. Definitions

3.1 Acceptable Level of Competence
3.2 Appraisal Period
3.3 Critical Element
3.4 Minimum Appraisal Period
3.5 Narrative Summary
3.6 NASA Employee Performance Communication System (EPCS)
3.7 Non-Critical Element
3.8 Not Rated
3.9 Performance
3.10 Performance Appraisal
3.11 Performance Management System
3.12 Performance Plan
3.13 Performance Standard
3.14 Progress Review
3.15 Rating Definitions
3.16 Rating Official
3.17 Rating of Record
3.18 Reviewing Official
3.19 Supervisor

CHAPTER 4. Basic Provisions

CHAPTER 5. Performance Appraisal Process

5.1 Performance Plan and Appraisal Forms
5.2 Performance Planning
5.3 Performance Monitoring
5.4 Performance Assessing
5.5 Detailed or Matrixed Employees
5.6 Position Changes/Transfer
5.7 Performance Review Process
5.8 Awards Eligibility
5.9 Quality Step Increases (QSI)
5.10 Reduction in Force (RIF)
5.11 Promotions
5.12 Within-Grade Increase (WIG)
5.13 Failure to Meet Performance Expectations
5.14 Appraisal Disagreements
5.15 Linkage to Senior Executive Service (SES) Performance Management System

CHAPTER 6. System Evaluation

CHAPTER 7. Employee Performance Files

Appendix A. Performance Elements and Standards for Supervisory Employees

Element 1: Program/Project/Functional Objective (PPFO)
Element 2: Supervisory Competencies

Appendix B. Performance Elements and Standards for Nonsupervisory Employees

Element 1: Program/Project/Functional Objective (PPFO)
Element 2: Collaboration and Teamwork
Element 3: Communications


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