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NPR 7500.1
Effective Date: December 20, 2001
Expiration Date: January 20, 2014
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Subject: NASA Technology Commercialization Process w/ Change 1 (4/9/04)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Technologist

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CHAPTER 6. Identifying and Reporting Technology Commercialization Success Stories

6.1 What Is A Technology Commercialization Success Story?

6.1.1 Technology commercialization success stories are defined as those commercial technology partnerships which have actually achieved an "acknowledged use or application" of the related NASA technological asset. At least one of the following impacts should have resulted from the acknowledged use:

a. Commercial sales;

b. Cost savings/avoidance;

c. Private investment;

d. Jobs created/saved;

e. Quality of life improvement

f. SBIR/STTR sales of product, services to the private sector; or

g. SBIR/STTR Phase III procurement contracts within the federal government or

h. New or improved products/processes.

6.1.2 A success story must be tied to a NASA-derived technology or a commercialization partnership.

6.2 Finding and Reporting Success Stories

6.2.1 Each NASA activity manager shall systematically track and follow-up on its commercial technology partnerships to determine if that partnership has produced any success stories. NASATechTracS has the capability to automate this process through various automated follow-up mechanisms (e.g., e-mail notifications, letters of inquiries, etc.). The Center's CTO can assist in determining the best approach for the system's use in obtaining success story information.

6.2.2 Once identified, key data on the success story should be reported by the NASA activity to the CTO. Success stories can be reported electronically via URL: http://webawntts.larc.nasa.gov/success_stories/NASASuccessStory.html. Definitions of the key data elements needed for a success story are defined on this Web site.

6.2.3 Success stories can be very beneficial to a NASA activity. They can be used as marketing tools to further the technology commercialization process by gaining more publicity for NASA efforts. NASATechTracS can assist with storage of success story information for future queries and reports and can be accessed via TECHFINDER at http://technology.nasa.gov. Selected success stories are published in NASA Spinoffs, and Innovations which can be accessed at http://nctn.hq.nasa.gov.

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