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NPR 7500.1
Effective Date: December 20, 2001
Expiration Date: January 20, 2014

(NASA Only)

Subject: NASA Technology Commercialization Process w/ Change 1 (4/9/04)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Technologist

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P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability and Scope
P.3 Authority
P.4 References
P.5 Cancellation

Chapter 1. Technology Commercialization Policy Overview

1.1 National Policy
1.2 NASA Policy
1.3 Strategic Overview

Chapter 2: Commercial Technology Program Process

2.1 Process Overview
2.2 Program/Project Types
2.3 NASA TechTracS Information System (NTTS)

Chapter 3: Formulating a Technology Commercialization Strategy and Plan

3.1 Planning Overview
3.2 Determining Commercial Potential
3.3 What to Include in the Technology Commercialization Process Plan
3.4 Commercialization Plans for Technology Focused and Technology Supported Programs/Projects
3.5 Commercialization Plans for Operations/Support Programs/Projects
3.6 Communication of Commercial Technology Objectives to Contractors and Recipients

Chapter 4: Identifying and Reporting New Technologies and Innovations (Including Software)

4.1 What are New Technologies and Innovations?
4.2 Why Report New Technologies and Innovations (IncludingSoftware)?
4.3 Who are the Innovators?
4.4 Who Should Report New Technologies and Innovations (Including Software)?
4.5 How to Report a New Technology or Innovation
4.6 How is a New Technology's Commercial Potential Assessed?

Chapter 5: Developing & Implementing Commercial Technology Partnerships

5.1 What are Commercial Technology Partnerships?
5.2 NASA Commercial Partnership Goal
5.3 Implementing Mechanisms for Commercial Technology Partnerships
5.4 Identifying Potential Partners

Chapter 6: Identifying and Reporting Technology Commercialization Success Stories

6.1 What is a Technology Commercialization Success Story?
6.2 Finding and Reporting Success Stories

Chapter 7: Managing Technology Commercialization Performance

7.1 Technology Commercialization is Performance Based
7.2 What is the Core Set of Performance Data?
7.3 Determining and Reporting the Performance Status

Chapter 8: Training and Education

8.1 Introduction
8.2 NASA Sponsored Technology Commercialization Training Development
8.3 NASA Sponsored Technology Commercialization Training Courses

Appendix A. Sample Technology Commercialization Plan Format

Appendix B. New Technology Reporting Process

Appendix C. Technology Commercialization Metrics & Trend Indicators

Appendix D. Sample Commercialization Deliverables for Contracts/Grants/Agreements

Figure 1-1 Strategic Overview of NASA's Technology Commercialization Mission

Figure 2-1 Technology Commercialization Process

Figure 3-1 Commercialization Readiness Level Assessment Index

Figure 4-1 Functional Overview of the Technology Reporting Process

Figure 7-1 Hierarchy of Technology Commercialization Performance Categories

Table 7-1 Listing of Metrics and Trend Indicators by Category


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