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HQPD 1541.2J
Effective Date: July 29, 2003
Expiration Date: July 29, 2008
Cancellation Date: April 16, 2010
Responsible Office: LM
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1. Policy

This Policy defines parking permit assignment criteria and parking procedures (Attachment A) for NASA assigned permits for NASA Headquarters (HQ) garage.

2. Applicability

This Policy is applicable to NASA Headquarters civil service employees.

3. Authority

National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 2473, section 203.

4. References

General Services Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service Customer Guide to Real Property.

5. Responsibilities

a. The Director, Headquarters Facilities and Administrative Services Division, Code OCO, is responsible for administering the NASA parking permit program for NASA Headquarters.

b. NASA Employees are responsible for following the parking permit assignment criteria and parking regulations in the HQ garage.

c. Colonial Parking is responsible for the management and security of the HQ garage.

6. Delegation of Authority


7. Measurements


8. Cancellation

HQPD 1541.2I, dated October 1, 2002.

James J. Frelk
Director, Office of Headquarters Operations

*Attachment A


a. Parking permits are issued in the order of priority below and using a point system with the points criteria being: 1 point for each year of Government service (including military service), 1 point for GS Grade level and 16 points for SES employees.

(1) Persons with Disabilities - A NASA HQ civil service employee who has a severe, permanent, or temporary physical impairment (see section 2.c.)

(2) Tan Space Parking - Designated staff of the Office of the Administrator and Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices.

(3) Vanpools - A group of at least 8 members whose principal driver is a NASA HQ civil servant employee.

(4) Carpools - Two or more members, whose principal driver is a NASA HQ civil servant employee.

(5) Individual - On an as available basis, after the above categories have been met individuals will receive permits.

(6) Other vehicle space, e.g., motorcycles, bicycles, etc., is obtainable on an as available basis.


a. Parking permit assignments will be reevaluated quarterly if there is a waiting list based on the priority order and point system described in 1(a).

b. Annually, a completed NHQ Form 43, "Application for Headquarters Parking Permit," with original signatures of each member, must be forwarded to the NASA HQ Parking Manager, HQ Facilities and Administrative Services Division, Code OCO. Applications will be processed on a first-in basis when they are of equal points.

c. Persons with disabilities are required to submit medical certification from their physician to the Medical Director, HQ Health Unit, Code OCP-3 for review and medical certification for eligibility. Approved medical certifications will be forwarded to the NASA HQ Parking Manager, Code OCO. Medical re-certifications are conducted annually.


a. A fee for parking permits will be collected on a quarterly schedule. The amount and fee collection schedule will be announced prior to the end of the quarter. Failure to pay by the established deadline will result in the loss of the permit.

b. Only one permit (hanging tag) will be issued to each authorized carpool, vanpool, and individual permit holder.

c. If a permit (hanging tag) is lost, it must be reported in writing to the NASA Headquarters Parking Manager (Code OCO). A replacement fee will be charged for the loss of the permit.

d. Parking permits are not transferable to persons whose names do not appear on the parking application.

e. If a carpool disbands or a permit holder wants to discontinue parking, the permit must be returned to the NASA HQ Parking Manager (Code OCO). A prorated refund will be given to the permit holder for the unused portion.

f. The principal driver shall notify the NASA HQ Parking Manager (Code OCO) of any change in carpool membership.

g. Towing at owner's expense, revocation of parking privileges, and/or other punitive measures can be taken particularly for violation of regulations below:

(1) Ignition keys must be left in the ignition in key-designated spaces.

(2) Permits (hanging tags or parking stubs) must be displayed at all times.

(3) Children are not permitted in the garage unattended.

(4) No animals shall be left in vehicles.

(5) No parking in the special designated parking areas, and Government vehicle or handicap parking spaces unless authorized.

(6) Employees must not move individual vehicles other than their own. Parking attendants are on duty during posted garage operation hours to provide assistance should vehicles require moving.

(7) No smoking in garage or in vehicles parked in the garage.

(8) Speed limit (5 miles per hour) must be observed at all times.

(9) Storage of vehicles in garage is not permitted.


a. The Government does not assume any liability for personal injury, theft, or damage to vehicles (or their contents) occurring in the parking garage.

b. The parking contractor is not responsible for any articles left in vehicles.

c. The parking contractor is responsible only for damage caused by the attendants. Claims for damage must be reported to the Colonial Parking Garage Manager on P1-level, while the car is in the garage and on the day the damage has occurred. A parking contractor official will investigate the accident.

d. Employees who damage another vehicle while parking or moving a vehicle must notify Colonial Parking. All parking garage accidents involving personnel or vehicle damage shall be reported immediately to Colonial Parking.


Failure to follow these regulations for the parking garage may result in the revocation of privileges and/or disciplinary action.

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