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HQPR 3611.1
Effective Date: October 25, 2007
Expiration Date: October 25, 2012
Cancellation Date: April 19, 2012
Responsible Office: LM
Telework Program
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EMPLOYEE NAME _____________________________________________________

ORGANIZATION_____________________________________ __________________

________________________________________________________ _______________

The following checklist is designed to assess the overall safety and IT Security of the alternate worksiste. The worksite is limited to the workspace and equipment necessary to accomplish duties at home (e.g., the area within a room designated as office space) and is limited to the area occupied by the desk, chair, and items on the desk to include computer, printer, and fax machine as applicable.

The alternative worksite is located at: ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Describe the designated work area (e.g., specific room or area in room where work will be performed):

________________________________________________________ _______________

________________________________________________________ _______________

________________________________________________________ _______________

________________________________________________________ _______________

________________________________________________________ _______________

A. Workstation Checklist

1. Is there adequate ventilation behind and around the computer equipment? Yes No N/A

2. Are the lighting levels comfortable? Yes No N/ A

3. Is the top of the monitor screen located at eye level? Yes No N/A

4. Is the monitor screen located 18-24 inches away from eyes? Yes No N/A

5. Is the monitor screen placed in such a way that light from windows and overhead lighting does not cause glare? Yes No N/A

6. Is the seat height of the chair adjusted so the entire sole of your foot rests on the floor or footrest, and the back of the knee is slightly higher than the seat of the chair? Yes No N/A

7. Does the chair have any loose casters (wheels)? Yes No N/A

8. Are the casters suited to the type of flooring? Yes No N/A

9. Are the rungs and legs of the chair sturdy? Yes No N/A

10. Does the chair's back rest provide lumbar support? Yes No N/A

11. Is the keyboard adjusted so the wrist is in a neutral position so that the wrist is not bent up or down? Yes No N/A

12. Is the pointing device (mouse) at keyboard height? Yes No N/A

13. Is the pointing device (mouse) in a comfortable position and operable without extended or repetitive operation? Yes No N/ A

14. If documents are referred to, is there an adequate document holder? Yes No N/A

15. Are most frequently used items within easy reach? Yes No N/A

16. Is work area kept neat and free of clutter? Yes No N/A

17. Are file and storage cabinets arranged so that drawers and doors do not open into walking areas? Yes No N/A

18. Are heavier files/items stored in bottom drawers of filing cabinets to prevent cabinets from tipping over? Yes No N/ A

19. Are floor surfaces free of recognized hazards (e.g., no frayed or worn seams that could create trip hazards)? Yes No N/A

20. Are combustible items (e.g., paper) located away from heat sources? Yes No N/A

21. Is a surge protector used on the computer equipment? Yes No N/A

B. Information Technology Security

22. If using your home computer for telework:

a. Are all computer accounts protected with a strong password consisting of at least 8 characters and contain at least 3 of the following 4 character types: upper case character, lower case character, number, and special character? Yes No

b. Are Administrative Rights limited to 2 accounts and only used for software updates? * The use of Administrative accounts for normal day-to- day work is not recommended. Yes No N/A

c. Is simple file sharing turned off? Yes No N/A

d. Is the home computer's operating system at least Macintosh Tiger or Microsoft XP Professional, with SP2 and up-to-date with automatic updates in place? Yes No

e. Is a software firewall active and up-to-date with automatic updates in place? Yes No

f. If the firewall is on, make a list of any firewall exceptions that your system maintains:
___________________________________________________________ _____
___________________________________________________________ _____
___________________________________________________________ _____

g. Is anti-virus software active and up-to-date with automatic updates in place? Yes No

h. Please list the anti-virus last update for the system:
_______________________________________________________ _________
_______________________________________________________ _________

i. For home computers that are PCs, has the "Microsoft Security Baseline Software" at URL: mbsahome.mspx been run and all issues mitigated? Yes No N/A

j. Describe any problems or conditions of the work area that require attention or investigation:

________________________________________________________ _________

___________________________________________________________ ______

________________________________________________________ _________

___________________________________________________________ ______

C. Equipment Identification (check applicable items).

[ ] Computer [ ] Scanner [ ] Copier [ ] Printer [ ] Fax Machine [ ] Multifunction Machine

[ ] Other (list) ___________________________________________________________ _________

Employee Signature and Date________________________________________________

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