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HQPR 3713.3A
Effective Date: January 05, 2010
Expiration Date: June 05, 2015
Responsible Office: LM1
NASA Headquarters Alternative Dispute Resolution in Matters Pertaining to Discrimination Complaints Under 29 C.F.R. Part 1614
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APPENDIX B. Acronyms

B.1 (ADRA) Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996

B.2 (ADR) Alternative Dispute Resolution

B.3 (EEO) Equal Employment Opportunity

B.4 (EEOC) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

B.5 (EODM) Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Division

B.6 (MD) Management Directive

B.7 (ODEO) Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity B.8 (OWBPA) Older Workers' Benefits Protections Act of 1990

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