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Center Type Class Serial  
Cancelled Date Directive No. Subject Cancelled By
31-Mar-16 N PD 1371.5B
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Coordination and Authorization of Access by Foreign Nationals and Foreign Representatives to NASA (Revalidated 12/21/2010) No Cancelled by
01-Mar-16 N PD 3713.2K
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Federal EEO Programs of NASA No Cancelled by
01-Mar-16 N PR 3800.1A
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Employee Benefits No Cancelled by
04-Feb-16 N PR 7120.9
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NASA Product Data and Life-Cycle Management (PDLM) for Flight Programs and Projects No Cancelled by
23-May-16 N PR 8621.1C
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NASA Procedural Requirements for Mishap and Close Call Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping No Cancelled by
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