Cancelled NMI's to CFR's (Code of Federal Regulations)
Conversion Table


How to find information from cancelled NMI's that is now available on NODIS Library as a CFR (Code of Federal Regulations).

September 30, 1994

Most of the regulations that appear in the Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) are incorporated into the Directives System by using an "incorporation NMI." An "incorporation NMI"
is an NMI that has an attachment the NASA CFR regulation. In order to eliminate this duplicated effort, the following "incorporation NMI's" are cancelled out of the Directives System. The CFR regulations will remain in Title 14 of the CFR until the Mission Support Directoriate's Directives Management Team is officially notified in writing by the originating organization to cancel them.


1020.1H 1221.1 NASA Seal, NASA Insignia, NASA Logotype, NASA Program Identifiers, NASA Flags, and the Agency's Unified Visual Communications System
1020.4 1221.2 Policy and Procedures for Nominating Astronauts for the Congressional Medal of Honor
1050.10 1266 Cross-Waiver of Liability
1120.5D 1201 Statement of Organization and General Information
1152.5E 1209.3 Contract Adjustment Board
1152.17F 1209.4 Inventions and Contributions Board
1300.1A 1210 Development Work for Industry in NASA Wind Tunnels
1355.1A 1259 National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program
1380.4C 1213.1 Release of Information to News and Information Media
1382.2E 1206 Availability of Agency Reocrds to Members of the Public
1600.3A 1203b Arrest Authority and Use of Force by NASA Security Force Personnel
1900.6C 1214.6 Mementos Aboard Space Shuttle Flights
1900.7A 1207.G Administrative Enforcement Procedures for Alleged Violations
18 U.S.C. 207
1900.8A 1207.H Post Employment Regulations
2013.1A 1262 Implementation of the Equal Access to Justice Act in Agency Proceedings
2014.1 1263 Demands for Information or Testimony Served on Agency Employees; Procedures
2080.1D 1261 Processing of Monetary Claims (General)
2085.1B 1264 Implemention of the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986
3330.4C 1214.11 NASA Astronaut Candidate Recruitment and
Selection Program
3970.1C 1214.17 Space Flight Participants
5000.1A 1204.4 NASA Small Business Policy
5109.2E 1245.1 Patent Waiver Regulations
5109.3C 1245.2 Licensing of NASA Inventions
5200.2 1204.509 Del. of Auth. - To Take Actions Regarding Liquidated Damage" Assessments Under the Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, and Associated Labor Statues
5700.1B 1240.1 Awards for Scientific and Technical Contributions
6000.3C 1260 Use of NASA Airfield Facilities by Aircraft Not Operated for the Benefit of the Federal Government
7100.16A 1214.3 Payload Specialists for Space Transportation System (STS) Missions
8410.3B 1215.1 Tracking and Data Relay Satelite System (TDRSS); Use and Reimbursement Policy for Non-U.S. Government Users
8610.8A 1214.1 General Provisions Regarding Space Shuttle Flights of Cargo-Bay Payloads for Non-U.S. Government Reimbursable Customers
8610.13A 1214.5 Mission Critical Space Systems Personnel Reliability Program
8610.15B 1214.9 Space Shuttle; Use of Small Self-Contained Payloads
8610.17A 1214.7 Space Shuttle Program; The Authority of the Space Shuttle Commander
8610.18C 1214.15 Duty-Free Entry of Space Articles
8610.25 1214.10 Special Policy on Use of Small Self-Contained Payloads (SSCP's) by Domestic Educational Institutions
8910.1 1232 Care and Use of Animals in the Conduct of NASA Activities


Responsible Official: Nanette Smith, (202) 358-0819
Mission Support Directorate