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NPR 1040.1
Effective Date: July 03, 2003
Expiration Date: August 03, 2024
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Subject: NASA Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planning Procedural Requirements (Revalidated with Change 3, 9/13/2012)

Responsible Office: Office of Protective Services

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CHAPTER 2. Organization and Assignment of Responsibilities

2.1 Responsibilities

2.1.1 All NASA organizations support Agency emergency response efforts as required by NPD 8710.1, Emergency Management Program; NPD 1040.4, NASA Continuity of Operations (COOP); and the COOP Multiyear Strategic, and Program Management Plan, shall define the ways and means to:

a. Support implementation of EO's 12148, 13618 and 12656, and HSPD-7 and NSPD 51/HSPD-20.

b. Coordinate with headquarters and Center senior management for additional resources when the situation dictates.

c. Provide Center management with the means to appropriately staff COOP teams to make the COOP operational.

2.2 The NASA Administrator

2.2.1 The NASA Administrator or designee shall appoint an Agency COOP coordinator with sufficient authority to ensure that the COOP process is included as an integral part of the Agency's core mission.

2.3 The Agency COOP Coordinator

2.3.1 The COOP Coordinator shall:

a. Develop a COOP Multiyear Strategy and Program Management Plan.

b. Coordinate with designated Center COOP coordinators for the development of COOP procedures for headquarters, individual Centers, and subordinate organizations, as applicable, which provide for the following:

(1) Evaluation of Agency mission-essential infrastructure, functions, facilities, and other essential interdependencies for consideration for COOP.

(2) Predetermined delegations of authority and orders of succession.

(3) Contingency staffing to perform mission-essential operations.

(4) Alternate operating facilities, as required.

(5) Interoperable communications, information processing systems, and equipment.

(6) Protection of vital records and systems. See definition of vital records and systems in Appendix A, Definitions; Appendix B, Acronyms.

c. Coordinate exercises, tests, and training, of Agency COOP, to include COOP contingency staffs, and essential systems and equipment, to ensure timely and reliable implementation of COOP procedures.

d. Participate in periodic interagency COOP exercises to ensure effective interagency coordination and mutual support.

e. Coordinate intra-Agency COOP efforts and initiatives with policies, plans, and activities related to anti-terrorism established under PDD 62 and Critical Infrastructure Protection established under PDD 63.

f. Ensure that COOP documentation is managed in accordance with NPD 1440.6, NASA Records Management, (e.g., collect and store all vital records, such as personnel, pay, mission program data, emergency operations plans, facility engineering design plans and drawings) and provide for assistance to other NASA Centers in post disaster recovery of vital records, where applicable.

2.4 Center Directors

2.4.1 Each Center Director shall:

a. Appoint a Center COOP coordinator. The Center COOP coordinator should be a senior staff member from either the Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Emergency Services organization.

b. Emphasize emergency preparedness and COOP readiness as part of the Center's core mission.

c. Ensure Center Chief Financial Officers (CFO) provide necessary assistance to COOP activity

2.5 Chief Information Officers (CIO)

2.5.1 The CIO shall:

a. Ensure Agency IT systems have the appropriate security and contingency plans, as required under OMB Circular A-130

b. Ensure Special Management Attention (SMA) systems are evaluated for COOP

2.6 Center COOP Coordinator

2.6.1 Each Center COOP coordinator shall:

a. Coordinate the development and consolidation of all COOPS for their select minimum essential infrastructure assets, within their respective Center, in accordance with requirements and established emergency preparedness plans.

b. Coordinate with the Agency COOP coordinator and individual organizational management, scheduling, and overseeing yearly training and exercises, as required.

c. Coordinate tenant organization COOP development, as appropriate.

2.7 Program Management

2.7.1 The Program Management shall:

a. Ensure the development, implementation, maintenance, and testing of COOP, when required, in accordance with requirements and other references.

b. Coordinate all program COOP activity with the Center COOP coordinator.

c. Ensure that program COOP is included in organization budget activity.

2.8 Chief Financial Officers (CFO)

2.8.1 The CFO shall:

a. Establish a COOP funding mechanism.

b. Assist Center management on COOP budget development.

c. Provide systems that will account for COOP expenditures.

2.9 Vital Records Managers

2.9.1 The Vital Records Manager shall:

a. Ensure that local policies and procedures are developed and implemented for the identification, designation, protection, and retrieval of Center vital records in accordance with NPD 1440.6, NASA Records Management, and other governing requirements.

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