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NPR 3100.1B
Effective Date: December 19, 2014
Expiration Date: September 19, 2020
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Subject: Management of the Senior Executive Service (SES)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 6. Awards and Executive Development

6.1 Awards

6.1.1 SES members will be considered for all awards and bonuses for which they are eligible under Federal law and OPM guidelines. The Administrator is the final approval authority for SES Presidential Rank submissions, performance awards, and cash incentive awards, unless otherwise delegated (incentive awards only). Award types include:

a. Performance awards that recognize high quality performance during a one-year appraisal period. To be eligible for an SES performance award, the executive should have received at least a "Successful" rating for service performed in an SES career appointment. Award amounts are made in accordance with 5 CFR 534.405.

b. Presidential Rank Awards (PRAs) that recognize extraordinary or sustained accomplishment over at least a three-year period as an SES or equivalent. Eligible SES members hold career appointments and have at least three years of career or career-type Federal service at the SES level. c. Other awards as authorized by law to recognize a single, significant act or contribution that is not tied to overall performance.

6.1.2 The cost of all awards, including PRAs, is borne by the employing agency.

6.2 Executive Development

6.2.1 Executive Development Plan (EDP). SES members shall prepare, implement, and regularly update an EDP. The EDP is reviewed annually and revised according to the ERB, or similar body, and normally addresses the following:

a. Recommended short and long-term experience to meet Agency needs for leadership, managerial improvement, and organizational results.

b. Executive competencies and recommended competencies to strengthen performance.

c. Developmental opportunities and assignments that may include IPA temporary assignments.

6.2.2 NASA provides residential in-house executive education, financial, and logistics support for academic executive education programs and arrangements for developmental work assignments.

6.2.3 Sabbaticals. The Administrator has the authority to grant a sabbatical of up to 11 months during any 10-year period to SES career members who:

a. Have at least seven years of Federal service (two years of which have been in the SES).

b. Are not eligible for retirement.

c. Agree to remain in the Federal service for two consecutive years after the completion of the sabbatical. Sabbaticals can be taken to broaden professional skills and provide an opportunity for personal growth. Sabbatical activities can include:

a. Teaching, study (independent or structured), research, or some combination of these at a college or university.

b. Non-institutional study or research (independent or guided).

c. Periods of relevant and developmental work experience in the private sector with non-profit organizations or with state or local governments.

d. An activity or project not covered above (e.g., bench research, invention, design, or development; trouble-shooting or problem-solving assignments; writing; etc.). While on a sabbatical, the employee retains salary and benefits, and the Agency may grant travel and per diem costs.

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