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NPR 3330.1A
Effective Date: June 06, 2006
Expiration Date: October 06, 2022
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Subject: NASA Career Transition Assistance Plan, (Revalidated with Change 1, 02/13/2013)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 5. Special Repromotion Consideration

5.1 Introduction

NASA employees who are changed to a lower grade through no fault of their own and are eligible for grade or pay retention are entitled to special repromotion consideration when applying for vacancies filled under NASAs Competitive Placement Plan at the grade from which downgraded or any intervening grade. This consideration is intended to facilitate their placement into positions at their former grade level by requiring that these employees be considered for repromotion before other candidates are considered.

5.2 Responsibility

5.2.1 The Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management has overall responsibility for ensuring Agency compliance with the repromotion consideration policies in this chapter.

5.2.2 Center HR Directors shall:

a. Provide eligible employees with information about NASA?s repromotion consideration policy at the time the employees are notified that they will be downgraded.

b. Ensure that selection practices for filling all vacancies comply with the requirements to give repromotion consideration to any repromotion eligibles.

5.2.3 Employees eligible for repromotion consideration are responsible for requesting this consideration by answering the applicable question in NASA STARS.

5.3 Coverage

The provisions of this chapter apply to NASA employees reduced in grade from General Schedule (GS)-15 or equivalent and below who meet the requirements for grade or pay retention under 5 CFR, Part 536.

5.4 Repromotion Consideration Eligibility Requirements

5.4.1 A NASA employee is eligible for repromotion consideration if the employee:

a. Has been placed in a lower grade as a result of RIF procedures or job reclassification.

b. Is receiving grade or pay retention as a result of the RIF or reclassification action.

c. Has a current performance rating of record of at least fully successful or equivalent.

5.5 Period of Eligibility

5.5.1 Eligibility for repromotion consideration begins on the date the employees grade or pay retention commences.

5.5.2 Repromotion consideration eligibility terminates on the earliest of:

a. Two years from the date grade retention commenced.

b. Two years from the date pay retention commenced for those employees who were not eligible to receive grade retention.

c. Loss of either grade or pay retention on the basis of conditions defined in 5 CFR 536.207 and 536.308.

5.5.3 Eligible employees who are within the two-year eligibility period on the closing date of the vacancy announcement shall receive repromotion consideration for that vacancy.

5.6 Operation of Repromotion Consideration

5.6.1 Repromotion eligibles shall receive consideration for NASA vacancies for which they apply via NASA STARS, provided that:

a. The grade level of the vacancy is higher than that of the employees current position, but the full performance level is no higher than the grade the employee held prior to the change to lower-grade.

b. The employee meets the OPM qualification requirements (or, if applicable, the AST qualification requirements) for the position, including any selective placement factors.

c. The employee answers the applicable question in NASA STARS that indicates they are eligible for repromotion consideration.

5.6.2 NASA repromotion eligibles shall be referred to the selection official after the Center has met its obligation to select employees eligible under CTAP and RPL, its obligation to give placement consideration to employees under the NASA Special Placement Consideration Program and prior to referring all other candidates.

5.6.3. Repromotion placement consideration does not mean that the eligible employees shall be selected for the position. It means that the selecting official is required to consider repromotion candidates prior to receiving certificates of nonpriority candidates from other sources.

5.6.4 If there are multiple repromotion consideration eligibles, they will be referred in alphabetical order, and the selecting official may select any one of them for the vacancy.

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