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NPR 3335.1I
Effective Date: June 20, 2016
Expiration Date: December 20, 2022
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Subject: Merit Promotion and Placement

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 4. Filling Jobs

4.1 Vacancy Announcements

4.1.1 Vacancy announcements are prepared using the Agency-approved automated staffing and referral tool in accordance with regulatory requirements and Agency guidance.

4.1.2 Announcements should remain open for at least five workdays. A shorter open period may be used when large numbers of qualified and diverse applicants are anticipated based on recent experience of filling like positions.

4.1.3 When anticipating a high volume of applicants, Centers may set limits to accept no fewer than 75 resumes. When using such limits, applications will be received up until 11:59 p.m. (eastern standard or daylight time) of the day the limit is reached to accommodate applicants in different time zones.

4.1.4 Open continuous announcements with closing dates of up to one year from the initial opening date may be used to advertise recurring vacancies.

4.1.5 A certificate may be reissued to fill like vacancies if the selection(s) is made within 90 days of issuance of the original certificate. A "like vacancy" is considered to be one with the same title, series, grade, promotion potential, and duty location; the primary duties and competencies of the position are similar.

4.2 Area of Consideration

4.2.1 The area of consideration (i.e., who can apply) will be sufficiently broad to ensure a diverse applicant pool with sufficient numbers of high-quality candidates. The minimum area of consideration for positions advertised under this plan should be Center-wide. The basis of a management decision to use a smaller minimum area of consideration will be documented in the staffing case file.

4.2.2 When Centers recruit from outside the Agency, applicants eligible for VEOA are included in the minimum area of consideration in accordance with 5 CFR 315.611.

4.2.3 Employees on long-term rotational assignments in technical roles covered in chapter 6 of this directive are eligible to apply and be considered for any vacancy in the Agency, including those open only to Center employees.

4.3 Determining Minimum Qualifications

4.3.1 The minimum qualification standards prescribed or approved by OPM (e.g., NASA's Aerospace Technology Qualifications) will be used to determine minimum qualifications.

4.3.2 When an applicant's education is used to meet minimum qualifications, Centers shall obtain official college transcripts to validate education credentials prior to appointment.

4.3.3 Selective factors are job-related competencies that are essential prior to appointment for satisfactory performance and are part of the minimum qualifications. Accordingly, selective factors are identified along with the minimum qualification requirements in the vacancy announcement.

4.3.4 Applicants shall meet time-in-grade and time-after-competitive-appointment requirements by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.

4.4 Ranking Candidates

4.4.1 The ranking process is intended to identify the relative degree to which qualified applicants possess the specified skills or competencies. Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications of the position shall be rated against job-related criteria, unless the applicant is being considered under noncompetitive procedures.

4.4.2 When filling positions using announcements, minimally qualified applicants eligible under special appointing authorities (e.g., 30 percent or more disabled veteran) need not be further ranked, unless there is a large applicant pool.

4.4.3 As applicable, veterans' preference is applied to each pool of candidates eligible for a specific appointing authority. Use Agency guidance on quality grouping, category rating, and order of consideration.

4.4.4 The HR specialist may waive the normal ranking process if there are ten or fewer qualified applicants at a given grade level and document such decision in the staffing case file.

4.4.5 If no selection has been made within 30 days of the date the certificate was issued, the HR Director may cancel the certificate unless the selecting official has requested an extension. With appropriate justification, the HR Director may approve up to two 30-day extensions. In no case will a certificate be extended beyond 90 days.

4.5 Applicant Notification

4.5.1 At a minimum, applicants will be notified on the status of their application/resume at the following points in time:

a. Upon receipt of resume.

b. When found ineligible or not qualified for the position.

c. When the applicant is referred to the selecting official for consideration OR not referred and no longer under consideration.

d. For referred applicants, when the selection is made and whether or not they were selected.

e. When a vacancy announcement is cancelled, if applicable.

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