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NPR 3600.3
Effective Date: November 04, 2013
Expiration Date: December 04, 2022
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Subject: NASA Voluntary Leave Bank Program

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Chapter 2. Responsibility

2.1 The Chief Human Capital Officer shall:

a. Ensure that the VLBP and these procedural requirements comply with applicable law and regulations.

b. Appoint a senior management official from the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO) to serve as the Board Chairperson.

c. Appoint a Center Human Resources Director to serve on the Board on a rotating basis.

2.2 A senior management official of the OCHCO shall:

a. Provide oversight of and assign an employee of OCHCO to provide administrative support for the Board; and

b. Serve as Chairperson of the Board.

2.3 NASA Headquarters and Center Human Resources Directors shall:

a. Serve as members of the Board on an annual rotating basis; and

b. Only delegate this responsibility to their Deputy, the Employee Relations Officer, or other HR supervisory/management official.

2.4 Supervisors shall approve or deny the use of leave granted by the Board in accordance with applicable law, regulation, and NASA policy.

2.5 The NSSC shall:

a. Validate upon receiving a request to become a Leave Bank recipient that the absence from duty without paid leave is, or is expected to be, at least 24 hours due to the medical emergency (or, in the case of a part-time employee or employee with uncommon tour, 30 percent of the average hours in the employee's biweekly scheduled tour of duty);

b. Consult, as necessary and appropriate, with the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer on medical determinations in reviewing a member's request for leave from the Leave Bank;

c. Within 10 business days of receipt of a Leave Bank recipient request, provide to the Board a report which contains the:

(1) Name of the Leave Bank member requesting leave;

(2) Number of hours being requested; and

(3) Confirmation that medical documentation was received and supports the member's request for leave.

d. Within 10 business days of the Board's decision, notify the Leave Bank member of the Board's decision;

e. Process within the Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS) the appropriate amount of accrued annual leave, requested by the employee, to effect a new enrollment or maintain enrollment in the Leave Bank;

f. Upon notification of approval of a request for leave by the Board, enter the amount of approved leave from the Leave Bank to the member via the FPPS; and

g. Maintain the confidentiality of leave recipients' information in accordance with NPR 1382.17, NASA Privacy Procedural Requirements.

2.6 The Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer shall consult with the NSSC as necessary on medical determinations.

2.7 Members of the VLBP shall:

a. Comply with applicable law, regulations, and this NPR relative to their participation in this Program;

b. Contribute at least the minimum amount of accrued annual leave to the Leave Bank; and

c. Follow established procedures to request leave from the Leave Bank, including providing the NSSC with appropriate medical documentation, to include:

(1) The Leave Bank member's name, position, title, and grade or pay level;

(2) The reason(s) leave is needed, including a description of the nature, severity, anticipated duration, and if the medical condition is recurring, the approximate frequency (such as acute phases or aspects) affecting the Leave Bank member or family member;

(3) Certification from treating physician(s) or other health care provider(s) with respect to the medical condition; and

(4) Any additional information that may be required by the Leave Bank Board to support the request.

2.8 Leave Bank Recipients shall provide prompt notification to the NSSC upon the termination of the medical emergency.

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