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NPR 3600.1A
Effective Date: April 24, 2006
Expiration Date: August 24, 2022
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Subject: Attendance and Leave, (Revalidated with Change 2, 09/11/2013)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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CHAPTER 1. Responsibility

Chapter 1. Responsibility

1.1 The Chief Human Capital Officer

1.1.1 The Chief Human Capital Officer shall:

a. Provide policy and program direction for the agency's leave and attendance program.

b. Ensure agency compliance with the regulations, policies, and procedures governing attendance and leave.

1.2 NASA Chief Financial Officer

1.2.1 The NASA Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), shall be responsible to ensure the arrangement of cross-servicing payroll through the DOI: (a) include adequate procedures and processes to permit accurate record keeping for administering separate leave accounts, and (b) provide audit verification of DOI's handling of leave record keeping.

1.3 Center Directors

1.3.1 Center Directors shall be responsible for establishing:

a. Basic workweeks (no redelegation is authorized except by virtue of succession).

b. Regularly scheduled administrative workweeks.

c. Irregular and special tours of duty.

d. Procedures for planning, scheduling, and rescheduling annual leave, including leave in separate leave accounts. Such procedures will include a method of managerial review of actions taken to ensure adherence to procedures and to avoid unbalanced situations in which employees approach the end of the leave year with significant amounts of leave that must be used or forfeited. These procedures must be communicated to all employees.

e. Procedures for Center Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Personnel or Human Resources Personnel to provide: (a) data entry and system operation for the NASA Time and Attendance system to update leave transactions, and (b) for forwarding leave data to the Liaison Payroll Office for transmission to the Department of the Interior (DOI) Federal Personnel and Payroll System.

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