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NPR 3600.1A
Effective Date: April 24, 2006
Expiration Date: July 24, 2022

Subject: Attendance and Leave, (Revalidated with Change 2, 09/11/2013)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer

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Table of Contents


P.1 Purpose
P.2. Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 Applicalbe Documents and Forms
P.5 Measurement/Verification
P.6 Cancellation

Chapter 1. Responsibility

1.1 Center Directors
1.2 Chief Financial Officer

Chapter 2. Hours of Duty

2.1 Establishment of Workweeks
2.2 Establishment of Work Schedules
2.3 Special Considerations in Establishing Work Schedules
2.4 Holidays for Part-Time Employees
2.5 Significant Change in Hours of Duty

Chapter 3. Administration of Absence and Leave

3.1 Annual Leave
3.2 Use or Lose Leave
3.3 Sick Leave
3.4 Leave for Family Responsibilities
3.5 Military Leave
3.6 Court Leave
3.7 Excused Absences
3.8 Leave Without Pay
3.9 Brief Periods of Absence or Tardiness
3.10 Absence for Religious Observance
3.11 Leave Accounting

Chapter 4. Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

4.1 Responsibilities
4.2 Application to Become a Leave Recipient
4.3 Transfer of Annual Leave
4.4 Accrual of Annual and Sick Leave
4.5 Use of Transferred Leave
4.6 Termination of Medical Emergency
4.7 Records
4.8 Prohibition of Coercion

Chapter 5. Enhanced Annual Leave

5.1 Responsibility
5.2 Policy
5.3 Employees Covered
5.4 Employees Excluded
5.5 Criteria for Approval
5.6 Leave Accrual Rates
5.7 Personnel Action Processing
5.8 Records and Reports

Appendix A. Definition

Appendix B. Acroynms


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