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NPR 4500.1
Effective Date: February 24, 2014
Expiration Date: June 24, 2024
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Subject: Administration of Property in the Custody of Contractors

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 4. Performance of NASA-Retained Property Administration Activities

4.1 Property Transfers

4.1.1 The IPO shall assist the CO and SEMO in ensuring that transfers to contractors from NASA Installations and Centers and transfers from contractors to NASA Installations and Centers are appropriately documented and that appropriate transactions are processed in NASA equipment and supply information systems.

a. COs and IPOs shall retain copies of transfer documentation in the contract files and the contract property files.

4.1.2 Transfers to NASA Contractors COs shall document all transfers to NASA contractors within the contract, either by inclusion in the NFS clause at 1852.245-76 or NFS clause at 1852.245-77 or both.

a. IPOs should advise the CO to list property in the NFS 1852.245-76 clause, List of Government Property Furnished Pursuant to FAR 52.245-1, when the Government will retain title to the property transferred as part of contract award through contract completion.

b. IPOs should advise the CO to list property in the NFS 1852.245-77 clause, List of Government Property Furnished Pursuant to FAR 52.245-2, when that property is not likely to physically survive the performance period of the contract and the contract is to be performed within the confines of a NASA Center or Installation. After award, transfers to contractors shall be documented by modification of NFS clause at 1852.245-76.

a. As the FAR limits the use of FAR clause at 52.245-2 to initial provisioning on a Government installation, property may not be transferred under the authority of the FAR clause at 52.245-2 after contract award. As a result, NFS clause at 1852.245-77 shall only be used at award.

b. In addition, shipping documents shall provide detailed lists of items to be furnished to contractors. NASA equipment managers shall ensure that equipment information systems are updated with the appropriate transaction recording transfer of controlled equipment to a contractor when that occurs, regardless of value. SEMOS shall ensure that NASA supply information systems are updated to record any issue of supply items to a contractor. NASA property valued at less than the capitalization threshold is transferred initially to a contractor. After initial transfer, property transfer between contracts is not recorded within the internal NASA systems. Contract documentation, including the schedule, modifications, and associated shipping documentation serves as the official record of the transfer. NASA IPOs shall retain copies of these transfer documents within their contract files. NASA-controlled equipment valued at or greater than the capitalization threshold shall be recorded within NASA systems each time the property is transferred to a contract.

a. IPOs shall ensure that documentation of these transfers is provided to the Center Equipment Manager when received from the CO. Postaward Transfers. With the approval of the CO, property may be transferred to a contractor after award. IPOs should advise the CO that property provided after award may only be offered under the FAR Government Property clause at 52.245-1. IPOs should audit documentation to ensure that it distinguishes between capital-valued property and property of lower value.

a. NFS 1845.106 requires Contracting Officer's Technical Representatives to prepare shipping documents and obtain CO approval for providing property prior to movement of property to a contractor. Separate shipping documents should be prepared for property valued at or above the capitalization threshold.

b. Multiple quantities may be listed on the same shipping document but shall distinguish between individual items using Equipment Control Numbers, when available, or through the use of unique identifying data elements such as a combination of manufacturer (cage code), model number, and serial number. c. IPOs shall advise COs that, in accordance with NFS 1845.106(a)(1), property furnished after award is required to be added to the list of property under NFS clause at 1852.245-76 by modification.

4.1.3 Transfers from Contractors to NASA Two basic types of transactions may occur when property is transferred to NASA from a contractor: receipt of noncapital items and receipt of capital items. Property from either of these types may, once received, be used internally by a Center, transferred to another Center, or transferred to another NASA contract. This section does not include property delivered to NASA in compliance with a contract line item deliverable and processed as "new receipt" transactions. Both capital and noncapital property that is required for automated recordkeeping within the NASA Property Plant &Equipment (PP&E) system by NPR 4200.1 is considered "controlled equipment." Equipment that does not qualify for automated recordkeeping due to value or other criteria is considered "administratively controlled equipment." Transfers of controlled equipment to a NASA Center shall be received by the Center responsible for the contract and be processed as transfers from a contractor in the NASA PP&E system, provided the items otherwise qualify for control under NPR 4200.1.

a. Records of administratively controlled equipment are maintained in hard copy form. Documentation of transfers of administratively controlled equipment should be retained within the Center's receiving and inspection files for the appropriate recordkeeping period.

b. The Center Equipment Manager shall add controlled equipment to the NASA PP&E system when those items are to be retained for NASA onsite use regardless of the capitalization threshold. When property moves from a contract at one Center to a contract at another Center, additional equipment management transactions associated with the inter-Center transfers from the losing to the gaining Center shall be processed in accordance with NPR 4200.1, "NASA Equipment Management Procedural Requirements," Chapter 3.

a. Documentation of contractor-to-contractor transactions for property not meeting or not exceeding the capitalization threshold shall be processed in hard copy form and need not be recorded in the NASA PP&E SYSTEM unless the items qualify for control as sensitive items due to their hazardous nature.

4.2 Transfers Between Contracts

4.2.1 To minimize the impact of electronically processing significant numbers of transactions associated with the transfer of items between contracts, contract documents and transfer documents shall be considered to be the official records of transactions associated with the transfer of items valued under the NASA capitalization threshold. Individual processing of transactions for those items through NASA equipment management information systems is not necessary. Records of controlled equipment below the capitalization threshold and transferred between contractors shall be maintained in hard copy form within the related contract and contract property files. These records are not processed through the NASA PP&E system unless the items qualify for control as sensitive items due to their hazardous nature.

4.2.2 Transfers of items valued over the capitalization threshold shall be recorded in the NASA PP&E system. When capital-valued controlled equipment is to be used on another contract, the Center Equipment Manager shall record the transaction in the NASA PP&E system as a transfer from a contractor and record a separate transaction issuing the item to the appropriate succeeding contract.

4.2.3 When property moves from a contract at a Center to another contract at the same Center, property must be transferred from the losing contract to the cognizant NASA Center and then from that Center to the gaining contract. No transfers off or on a contact may be accomplished without inclusion of the applicable Center on the appropriate shipping document.

4.3 Document Processing

4.3.1 IPOs shall provide copies of all shipping documents to the Center Equipment Manager for required processing of items in the NASA PP&E system.

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