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NPR 7120.5E
Effective Date: August 14, 2012
Expiration Date: December 14, 2020
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Subject: NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements (Updated w/Change 18)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Engineer

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Change Log

NPR 7120.5E, NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements w/Change 1-17
Change Number Date Location Change Description
9/26/2012 Compliance Matrix Administrative changes to include information about baseline document deadlines for the I-6 and I-7 tables in the Compliance Matrix.
9/26/2012 Compliance Matrix Addition of the Communications and Education Plans to Table I-5 (project) in the Compliance Matrix to correctly reflect Table I-5 requirements.
9/26/2012 Compliance Matrix Addition of the MDAA as an applicable party for the Orbital Debris and End of Mission plans.
9/26/2012 Appendices G and H The removal of the sentences on the applicability of NPR 2830.1, NASA Enterprise Architecture Procedures in the Program and Project Plan templates.
9/26/2012 Appendix F Administrative correction of an incorrect reference to "Program Plan" rather than "Formulation Agreement" in Appendix F (the Project Formulation Agreement template)
9/26/2012 Appendix G Administrative correction of an incorrect reference to "Project Plan" rather than "Program Plan" in Appendix G (the Program Plan template).
9/26/2012 Figure 2-4 Corrected corrupted version of graphic.
9/26/2012 Preface Administrative change made to add NPR 7120.5D to paragraph P.6 Cancellation.
11/19/2012 Appendices G and H Modified language to the Threat Summary and project Protection Plan sections of the Program and Project Plans to indicate that the Threat Summary contains Top Secret information and the Protection Plan has Secret information.
1/29/2013 Appendix C Corrected reference in Introduction from to 3.5.4.
8/14/2014 Figure 2-3, Tightly Coupled Programs Life Cycle Chart Added footnote for CERR. Renumbered other footnotes. Corrected titles for SDR and SRR reviews.
8/14/2014 2.1.1.b. "Space flight projects are" added to definition of "project" to indicate the difference between the definition of "project" in NPR 7120.5E and the new definition of "project" in NPD 1000.0 is specific to space flight.
8/14/2014 2.2.5 Add reference to "NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook."

Add "s" to "LCR" (typo).

8/14/2014 2.3.1 Remove extra space.
8/14/2014 3.2.1.d Change "Center Directors are responsible and accountable for both Institutional Authority responsibilities and the proper planning and execution of programs and projects assigned to the Center" to "Center Directors are responsible and accountable for all activities assigned to their Center. They are responsible for the institutional activities and for ensuring the proper planning for and assuring the proper execution of programs and projects assigned to the Center." (clarification)
8/14/2014 3.3.4 Added sentence at end of paragraph: "TAs are expected to keep their discipline chain of authority informed of issues as they arise, including direct communication between the Center's engineering director, SMA director (or equivalent), and chief medical officer with their counterparts at NASA Headquarters." (clarification)
8/14/2014 Remove parentheses and change "may delegate" to "delegates." (clarify expectation)
8/14/2014 3.3.8 Add to the Safety and Mission Assurance TA responsibilities: "The following individuals are responsible for implementing SMA Ta at the Center:"
8/14/2014 Add "The Chief, SMA" for parallelism.
8/5/2013 Delete old paragraph about Center Director responsibilities and add this paragraph: "Center Director—The Center Director (or the Center safety and mission assurance director or designee) is the Center SMA TA responsible for Center safety and mission assurance processes, specifications, rules, best practices, etc., necessary to fulfill mission performance requirements for programs, projects, and/or major systems implemented by the Center. The Center Director (or designee) also monitors, collects, and assesses institutional, program, and project SMA financial metrics and performance results. The Center Director delegates Center SMA TA implementation responsibility to an individual in the Center's safety and mission assurance leadership. The Center SMA TA supports the lower level SMA TAs in processing changes to and waivers or deviations from requirements that are the responsibility of the SMA TA. This includes all applicable Agency and Center SMA directives, requirements, procedures, and standards. The Center Director appoints, with the approval of the NASA Chief, SMA, individuals for the position of Center SMA director (or equivalent). The Center SMA director, in consultation with the NASA Chief, SMA, appoints program- and project-level chief safety and mission assurance officers (CSOs) to exercise the TA role within programs and projects."
8/14/2014 Appendix A Add definition: "Assure. To promise or say with confidence. It is more about saying than doing. (An example is: I assure you that you'll be warm enough.)
8/14/2014 Appendix A Add definition: "Ensure. To do or have what is necessary for success. (An example is: I ensure that you'll be warm enough.)
8/14/2014 Appendix A Add "Tribal government" to "Environmental Management" definition. (consistency with Environmental Management Plan description)
8/14/2014 Appendix A Add definition: "Knowledge Management. A collection of policies, processes, and practices relating to the use of intellectual and knowledge-based assets in an organization."
8/14/2014 Appendix A Add definition: "Lessons Learned. Captured knowledge or understanding gained through experience which, if shared, would benefit the work of others. Unlike a best practice, lessons learned describes a specific event that occurred and provides recommendations for obtaining a repeat of success or for avoiding reoccurrence of an adverse work practice or experience."
8/14/2014 Appendix A Change last sentence in definition of "program" to agree with updated language defining "program" in Chapter 2 from "A program defines a strategic direction that the Agency has identified as critical" to "A program implements a strategic direction that the Agency has identified as needed to accomplish Agency goals and objectives."
8/14/2014 Appendix A Correct typo in definition of "Request for Action/Review Item Discrepancy" from "product of documentation" to "product or documentation."
8/5/2013 Appendix B Deleted acronym (SMA) from definition of CSO.
8/14/2014 Appendix C-Compliance Matrix; tables I-1, I-3, I-5, I-7; and Appendix J-References. Update "Lessons Learned Plan" to "Knowledge Management Plan" and "NPR 7120.6" to "NPD 7120.6."
11 8/14/2014 Appendix F.3.14.0 Correct grammar in Leading Indicators section from "progress and management...is achieved" to "progress and management...are achieved."
11 8/14/2014 Appendix G.3 Add "knowledge management" to the Program Plan template Implementation Approach, Section 1.6.
11 8/14/2014 Appendix G.3 Lowercase "Coordinator" (style) in Section 3.12.
11 8/14/2014 Appendix G.3 Correct typo from "further" to "further" in Section 3.14.
11 8/14/2014 Appendix G.3 Update "Lessons Learned Plan" to "Knowledge Management Plan" in Section 3.21.
11 8/14/2014 Appendix H.3 Add "knowledge management" to the Project Plan template in Section 1.4.
11 8/14/2014 Appendix H.3

Add "laws" to the first bullet for consistency and add second bullet to the Environmental Management Plan in the Project Plan template to update it to include the Environmental Checklist, which triages what environmental documentation will be needed:

Plan the level of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation required to satisfy NEPA requirements prior to KDP C and project Implementation; e.g., the Environmental Checklist and Record of Environmental Consideration (REC), Environmental Assessment (EA), and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The project's plans are based on the program's NEPA strategy at all affected Centers, which is developed in consultation with the NASA Headquarters NEPA coordinator to ensure the most effective, least resource-intensive strategy to meet NEPA requirements across the program and its constituent projects.
11 8/14/2014 Appendix H.3 Update "Lessons Learned Plan" to "Knowledge Management Plan" in Project Plan template Section 3.20.
11 8/14/2014

Table I-1

Correct "KDP 2" to "KDP II."
11 8/14/2014 Table I-2 Correct "FRR" to "MRR/FRR"
11 8/14/2014 Table I-2 Shift the expected update of work plans to SIR and MRR/FRR from CDR and ORR, respectively.
11 8/14/2014 Table I-4 and I-6 Change CADRe line 5.i. to change "Preliminary" to "Baseline" and "Baseline" to "Update," since there is no preliminary CADRe; add "Update" at SIR; and add footnote clarifying that MRR/FRR CADRe is for launch.
12 10/9/2014 Appendix A Update definition of "project" in glossary to match text.
12 10/9/2014 Appendix H Update NPD title referred to in Project Plan template.
12 10/9/2014 Appendix J Added new NPD 8081.1, NASA Chemical Rocket Propulsion Testing to References appendix.
12 10/9/2014 Table 2-1, 2.2.5 and 2.2.8 Add references to AA letter with guidance on tailoring 7120.5 requirements for small Category 3, Class D projects. A link at front of NPR.
13 6/5/15 Appendices C, G, and H Corrections due to cancellation of NPD 7500.2 and revision of NPR 7500.2, Technology Transfer Requirements, plus a typo.
14 11/17/15 Appendix F Added rocket propulsion testing analysis.
14 11/17/15 Appendices H, section 3.16 and J - References Change "NASA-STD-0005, NASA Configuration Management (CM) Standard" to "SAE EIA 649B Standard for Configuration Management."
15 12/9/2016 Table 2-2, 3.2.1c, d, and g Update Convening Authorities and roles of MDAA, Centers, and OCFO. Delete Office of Evaluation.
15 12/9/2016 2.2.4 Clarify statement about completion of life-cycle reviews.
15 12/9/2016, Appendices A and B Change format of deliverables from CPR and IMS to IPMR.
15 12/9/2016 2.4.1 Correct reference to Decision Memorandum templates.
15 12/9/2016 3.7.1, Appendix J Correct reference to applicable law.
15 12/9/2016 Appendices F, G, and H Change reference to NPR containing TRL definitions. (Definitions moved from NPR 7120.8 to NPR 7123.1.)
15 12/9/2016 Appendices C and G, Tables 1-1, 1-3, 1-7; Appendix J Delete PDLM Plan due to expiration of NPR 7120.9.
15 12/9/2016 Appendix C, Table 1-3 Correct error to add HRCP to Tightly Coupled Programs.
15 12/9/2016 Appendix C, Tables 1-4, 1-6 Change the name of NF 1739 to reflect change in NPR 9250.1. Correct delivery schedule.
15 12/9/2016 2.2.2; 3.2.1 e, f; Appendices F, G, H, J Add references to NASA Project Planning and Control Handbook
15 12/9/2016 Appendix F Editorial corrections; Add product statement.
16 08/13/2018 Appendix C Organization correction plus MDAA approval for single-project programs for Table I-6.
17 11/01/2019

Chapter 2
Appendices A, D, G,

Add a paragraph to Chapter 2:; Add definiton in Appendix A - Consideration for a PIR; updated paragraph 11.0 Reviews in Appendi D; and updated paragraph 3.9 Review in Appendix G
18 03/12/2020

Appendices B & C

Delete Cost Analysis Division (CAD) and Office of Education (OE), Add Office of General Counsel (OGC) and Strategic Investments Division (SID).
18 03/12/2020

Appendix C

Change "Requirement Owner" for multiple "NPR 7120.5 Requirement Statements" and correct spacing
18 03/12/2020

Appendices C, G, H, and I

Delete "Threat Summary" and "Education Plan and rework Project Protection Plan description accordingly.

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