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NPR 8715.3D
Effective Date: August 01, 2017
Expiration Date: August 01, 2022
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(NASA Only)

Subject: NASA General Safety Program Requirements (Updated w/Change 1)

Responsible Office: Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

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APPENDIX C. Safety Motivation and Awards Program

C.1 The following awards represent NASA's primary means for recognizing outstanding safety performance:

a. NASA Honor Awards. These awards are approved by the Administrator and represent the highest honorary recognition bestowed by NASA. Government and non-Government personnel making significant safety contributions may be nominated for these awards following the guidelines provided in NPR 3451.1.

b. NASA Space Flight Awareness, Flight Safety Award. This award is managed by the Space Flight Safety Panel in accordance with NPD 1000.3, The NASA Organization, paragraph 6.21. It is bestowed in recognition of contributions to space flight safety made through design, device, or practice. The purpose of the award is to acknowledge the individuals whose personal efforts, above and beyond their job commitment, result in significant, direct contributions to space flight safety. The award is given to both individuals and groups. Every Government and industry employee supporting NASA's human space flight programs is eligible for this award.

c. NASA QASAR Award. QASAR stands for Quality and Safety Achievement Recognition. The QASAR Award recognizes NASA, other Government, and prime/subcontractor individuals for significant quality improvements to products or services for NASA, as well as safety initiatives within products, programs, processes, and management activities. NASA Headquarters and each of the Centers have local QASAR Award programs; annually, the "Best of the Best" in each award category is chosen for Agency recognition by the Administrator.

d. Center Safety Awards. The majority of NASA safety awards are issued at the local level as part of each Center's overall safety effort. Safety programs at NASA Centers include an awards program, designed in accordance with this document, to recognize and encourage safety in all operations.

C.2 NASA safety awards should be properly designed to motivate and maintain safe behavior. The following principles should be considered when developing safety awards:

a. Any award based on competition must be carefully designed to avoid possible negative aspects. (For example, employees involved in a competition to reduce on-the job injuries have been known to avoid seeking medical attention for an injury so that it would not be reported.)

b. The safety awards program should be part of the participating safety program and include all personnel.

c. The responsible NASA safety organization should clearly define the purpose of each award, those who are eligible, and the criteria for selection.

d. Award presentations and the safety contributions made by award recipients should be sufficiently publicized to heighten employee safety awareness and to encourage active employee participation in all efforts designed to improve safety performance.

e. Awards should be granted on the basis of merit without regard to age, color, handicap, marital status, national origin, politics, participation or non-participation in a labor organization, race, religion, or sex.

f. NASA awards for safety excellence should be granted based on specific published criteria. Nominations should be evaluated against the individual awards criteria and not against any unwritten standards or interpretations.

3. In conjunction with safety awards, NASA safety programs may distribute items of minimal value to individuals as a means of promoting safe work practices and heightening safety awareness. The following apply to the purchase and distribution of safety promotional items:

a. Procurements made with Federally-appropriated funds are subject to the rulings of the General Accounting Office (GAO). Safety promotional items usually are interpreted by GAO as personal gifts, and therefore have not been allowed. It is recommended that non-appropriated funds be used for the procurement of safety promotional items whenever possible.

b. Safety promotional items should be distributed for valid reasons and shall not be given with such frequency that they lose meaning.

c. All items shall be clearly identified as NASA safety program items via printed markings and/or safety logos.

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