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NPR 8820.2G
Effective Date: June 05, 2014
Expiration Date: September 30, 2022
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Subject: Facility Project Requirements (FPR)

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Appendix D. Facility and Other Related Costs

D.1 Typical Facility Cost. The Current Cost Estimate (CCE) included on Forms 1510 and 1509 for a typical facility project includes the current local cost of the following:

a. Land acquisition.

b. Site preparation, utilities, sidewalks, parking lots, and access roads.

c. Construction materials and labor.

d. Material and equipment tests performed at the construction site or at an offsite location.

e. Construction management services (including SIES and network diagrams).

f. Commissioning services during design and construction.

g. Environmental compliance and protection.

h. Collateral equipment.

i. Subcontractor and general contractor cost, overhead, and profit.

j. General conditions, insurance bonds, and taxes.

k. LEED Certification.

l. Recordation of as-built conditions.

m. Outfitting items such as the following:

(1) IT/communications infrastructure up to signal outlets; however, not computer servers or racks.

(2) Demountable partitions and installed systems furniture.

(3) Building support specialty equipment such as emergency warning systems, security systems (e.g., public address warning systems and cipher locks for classified areas), and specialized material or file handling/storage equipment in support areas or designated use.

n. In general, items that are permanently affixed, such as conduits, raceways, cable trays, ductwork, wall penetrations, terminal rooms, and junction and terminal boxes.

D.2 Related Costs. The following is a partial list of items that are normally funded from accounts other than CoF. The Director, Facilities Engineering Division, can approve exceptions.

a. Planning/studies documentation such as the following:

(1) Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS).

(2) Permit actions (e.g., environmental, storm water, dredging) unless directly related to the construction contracting effort.

(3) Pre-PER studies (i.e., concept studies and/or requirements document).

b. Design-related activities other than SIES such as the following:

(1) Independent design analysis.

(2) External review.

(3) Health and safety analysis.

(4) Engineering support.

(5) Reliability and quality assurance support.

(6) Software quality assurance support.

(7) Program scheduling.

(8) Documentation and control.

c. Outfitting items such as the following:

(1) Research, checkout, and assembly hardware/equipment.

(2) Test support and ground support equipment.

(3) Cleaning equipment.

(4) Furniture.

(5) Telephones, modems, switching equipment, and associated wiring.

(6) Communications equipment (voice/data) and associated wiring.

(7) Electronic security systems hardware that does not qualify as collateral equipment (e.g., cipher locks and intrusion detection systems are considered collateral equipment for classified areas within a facility).

(8) Paging and area warning systems hardware.

(9) Process/support equipment.

(10) Replacing carpet and installation (initial carpet or carpet tile installation when used as the primary floor covering can be included in the CCE).

(11) Window and door treatments; e.g., blinds, glare controls, and drapes, except where blinds are an integral part of the window or door unit and, thus, the initial purchase can be included in the CCE.

(12) Lockers, unless built in.

(13) Clocks.

(14) Video equipment.

(15) Computer hardware.

(16) Automatic data processing equipment, including cables, fiber optics, and network connections.

d. Services such as the following:

(1) Building/vehicle maintenance.

(2) Janitorial services.

(3) Storage costs for noncollateral equipment.

(4) Security personnel.

(5) Spare parts.

(6) Warranties, except when associated with equipment or structural members that are an integral part of the facility.

(7) Operator certification and training programs.

(8) Operational Readiness Reviews.

(9) Integrated systems testing, health, and safety reviews.

e. Other expenses such as the following:

(1) Relocation/move-in expenses.

(2) Acquisition process.

(3) Personal and other health and safety protection.

(4) Temporary housing.

(5) Utility consumption.

(6) Facility calibration.

(7) Facility dedication.

(8) Personnel travel.

(9) Training, except for collateral equipment.

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