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NPR 8820.2G
Effective Date: June 05, 2014
Expiration Date: September 30, 2022
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Subject: Facility Project Requirements (FPR)

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 4. Construction

4.1 Acquisition of Construction

4.1.1 The designated CO is the only person with authority to obligate the Federal Government in acquiring and executing contracts. The construction phase includes preparation of the acquisition package, advertisement, negotiation, contract award, construction management, construction inspection, change control management, commissioning, and activation startup. This includes the preparation and submittal of NASA Form 1739, Alternative Future Use Questionnaire, which allows the proper accounting treatment of the construction funding.

4.1.2 The FPM or designee represents the CO as the COR within the limitations granted and responsibilities assigned by the CO. The project team continues to provide support during this phase, especially during the change control process.

4.2 Preparation of the Acquisition Package

4.2.1 The CO shall provide direction for the required content of the acquisition package; however, at a minimum for design-bid-build contracts, the package includes a Government cost estimate, the design documents, and either funds or a planning purchase request with the funds source identified (see section, Requesting Construction Funds). For design-build procurements, the minimum acquisition package includes a Government Cost Estimate, a requirements document, and a contractor selection and evaluation plan.

4.2.2 The CO with cooperation and coordination from the COR and project team members shall ensure facility project acquisitions comply with the FAR and the NASA FAR Supplement.

4.3 Authority to Advertise

4.3.1 For CoF projects, the acquisition process for construction begins only after the authority to advertise has been issued from FED. For design-build acquisitions, funds and/or authority to advertise prior to receipt of funds may be requested when the Center is ready to begin acquisition. For design-bid-build acquisitions, funds and/or authority to advertise prior to receipt of funds may be requested when the final design is 90 percent complete. The following documents shall be submitted by the Center CoF Program Manager, reviewed, and approved using the SAAM system:

a. A locally approved and signed NASA Form 1509 and 1510 for each project.

b. For discrete projects, the approved Facility Project Management Plan (see section, Facility Project Management Plan) is submitted by the FPM or COR for FED.

4.4 Receipt of Bids or Negotiation

4.4.1 The CO is responsible for bidding and negotiating construction contracts, but the COR provides technical support and advice at the CO's request.

4.4.2 The COR shall prepare and submit the NASA Form 1579, Flash Bid Report or equivalent documentation for minor and discrete projects to FED immediately following the bid evaluation and the CO's acceptance of the bids as responsive.

4.5 Contract Award

4.5.1 Contract award is the CO's responsibility. The COR may be called upon to provide assistance prior to and during the award process.

4.6 Building Information Modeling

4.6.1 During construction, the FPM/COR shall periodically verify the construction contractor is updating the BIM to reflect as-built conditions.

4.6.2 At contract closeout, the final as-built BIM shall be turned over to the FPM who will provide this to the O&M organization at the Center.

4.7 Construction Management

4.7.1 During the administration of the construction contract, the COR shall perform partnering for all facilities projects, as defined in NFS Subpart 1836.70, Partnering, 48 C.F.R. Chapter 18.

4.7.2 The COR shall apply change controls during the preconstruction conference (or immediately after the notice to proceed is issued) to ensure all involved with the contract understand who is responsible for directing changes and how the changes are administered.

4.7.3 Either the CO or the COR shall brief all project stakeholders on contract administration and change control procedures.

4.7.4 The COR shall ensure the following are accomplished during the project:

a. Manage the Architectural Engineer's construction services contract.

b. Ensure the facility is constructed in accordance with the contract documents.

c. Prepare and process status reports and inspection logs.

d. Review contractor safety and health plans with representatives from the Center safety and occupational health organizations.

e. Review and approve contractor submittals, including as-builts.

f. Process contractor requests for progress payments and requests for information.

g. Review and approve change requests.

h. Maintain the project CCE, highlighting approved and potential changes in the project cost and schedule.

i. Ensure the preparation and delivery of O&M instructions, Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), PT&I, and CMMS information and as-built drawings.

j. Use the Reliability Centered Building and Equipment Acceptance Guide (RCBEA) during the final inspection and acceptance of installed systems.

k. Prepare or oversee the preparation of real property vouchers and transfer documents.

l. Complete final project closeout.

m. Where required, ensure the facility is achieving the defined LEED certification construction credits.

4.8 Real Property Capitalization

4.8.1 Within 30 days after project completion 7, the FPM and the COR assist the Center Real Property Accountable Officer (RPAO) in capitalizing and classifying the real property. The FPM, with guidance from the RPAO, shall fill out NASA Form 1046, Transfer and/or Notification of Acceptance of Accountability of Real Property.

7 Project completion means that the contractor has performed all the necessary work assigned and the final voucher is approved for payment. For cases where partial beneficial occupancy is allowed, a NASA Form 1046 is required for the portion accepted.

4.9 Project Closeout

4.9.1 For new construction and major renovation projects, the FPM shall facilitate project closeout by ensuring the completion of the following activities:

a. Facility systems training.

b. O&M instructions, PT&I and CMMS information, and manuals.

c. Final inspections.

d. Punch list (closeout).

e. Warranty transfer(s).

f. Contractor performance records.

g. Data systems design and installation.

h. Systems furniture design, purchase, and installation.

i. Transfer to customer and O&M organization.

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