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NPR 8820.2G
Effective Date: June 05, 2014
Expiration Date: September 30, 2022
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Subject: Facility Project Requirements (FPR)

Responsible Office: Office of Strategic Infrastructure

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Chapter 5. Activation

5.1 Activation

5.1.1 Facility activation involves the completion of facility projects including facility outfitting, subsystem and integrated system tests, final inspection and acceptance, final cost closeout, and release to the customer and O&M organizations.

5.2 Facility Outfitting

5.2.1 Outfitting (see Appendix A, "outfitting" and Appendix D, Facility and Other Related Costs) includes the following items:

a. Noncollateral equipment installation.

b. Data systems installation.

c. Audio-visual systems installation.

d. Electronic security system installation.

e. Systems furniture installation.

f. Telephone installation.

g. Furniture and equipment move-in.

h. Personnel move-in.

i. Maintenance services startup.

5.3 Beneficial Occupancy Prior to Completion

5.3.1 With CO and Authority Having Jurisdiction approval, beneficial occupancy of the facility or a portion of the facility may be allowed prior to final acceptance. The CO shall provide the contractor with a list of outstanding work for those areas the Government intends to use. Taking beneficial occupancy does not absolve the contractor from completing the contractual agreement.

5.4 Completion and Acceptance of Installed Systems

5.4.1 The COR shall ensure inspections and tests are performed for equipment and installed systems to validate compliance with O&M requirements identified in the Facility Project Management Plan (see section and the Reliability Centered Building and Equipment Acceptance Guide.

5.5 O&M Manuals and Training

5.5.1 During the activation phase, the FPM shall ensure that the O&M staff is trained on and provided with O&M manuals and the final BIM, if required, for installed systems and equipment.

5.5.2 For real property, funding for this effort is to be included in the CoF budget.

5.5.3 For noncollateral equipment and systems, funding is from activation budget source(s).

5.6 Commissioning

5.6.1 The FPM or COR shall ensure Total Building Commissioning, as defined in the most current version of the United States Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED Green Building Design and Construction Reference Guide, as enhanced commissioning is performed on all new construction and major renovation projects, and on installed items and associated systems on all other facility projects. For additional commissioning requirements, refer to the most current version of the USGBC reference guides for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance and Commercial Interiors (see http://www.usgbc.org/leed/rating-systems for more information).

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