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NPD 3000.1C
Effective Date: August 30, 2005
Expiration Date: December 30, 2024
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Subject: Human Capital Management (Revalidated 12/14/2010)

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer


a. It is NASA's policy to:

(1) Foster and maintain a culture that is built on trust, respect, teamwork, communication, empowerment, and commitment in an environment that is free of discrimination;

(2) Encourage and reward creativity, initiative, and teamwork;

(3) Provide training and valuable hands-on experience for developing and further strengthening our premier workforce;

(4) Enable high employee productivity through innovative practices that respond to their abilities and needs, all of which enable NASA to accomplish its' mission;

(5) Set high standards for leadership and lead by example;

(6) Provide managers and employees with the tools necessary to ensure full utilization and development of NASA human capital management programs. This goal is required to be accomplished through the following human capital management programs, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations:

(a) Recruitment, Employment, and Retention. NASA shall use flexibility, creativity, and competency management to plan, acquire, develop, and retain employees who substantially contribute to mission accomplishment. Selections and promotions are required to be based on merit.

(b) Diversity Management. NASA shall employ and empower a competent and highly skilled workforce, reflecting the diversity of the Nation. Managers are required to create a culture that supports and respects equal opportunity.

(c) Employee Performance Management. Managers shall, subject to applicable laws and regulations, reward exceptional performance, take action to improve performance, reduce in grade or remove any employee under their supervision for unacceptable performance.

(d) Qualifications, Classification, Pay, and Allowances. NASA shall determine qualifications, establish, and classify positions commensurate with the level of difficulty, responsibility, and qualification requirements of the work. NASA is required to apply pay and allowances, as provided by applicable laws and regulations, to each employee equitably, without regard to non-merit factors. Where discretion is permitted, pay and allowances are required to be authorized consistent with the contribution the employee makes, or is expected to make, toward the accomplishment of NASA's mission.

(e) Attendance and Leave. NASA shall maintain a workforce with the necessary skills and levels of authority to ensure mission accomplishment. Using the flexibilities in applicable laws and regulations, managers are required to strive to accommodate employees' individual needs and family responsibilities in the establishment of work and leave schedules.

(f) Labor-Management Relations. NASA shall pursue a spirit of cooperation in the relationship between NASA management and labor organizations to ensure mission accomplishment and the delivery of the highest quality of service to our customers.

(g) Employee Relations. Managers shall treat all employees reasonably and fairly using the flexibilities and authorities in applicable laws and regulations. This includes taking appropriate disciplinary or corrective action on individual employees when necessary.

(h) Employee Benefits. NASA shall provide benefits information and counseling to all employees. NASA will ensure that employees have the opportunity to learn about the wide range of benefits available to them. This knowledge is required to allow employees to make educated decisions on important individual and family issues. Typical benefits programs include, but are not limited to, retirement, health and life insurance, and family-friendly workplace initiatives.

(i) Employee and Organizational Development. NASA's policy, as defined in NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 3410.2F, is to make training and developmental opportunities widely available to employees. These opportunities are designed to improve individual and organizational performance, build and retain a skilled and effective workforce, and develop knowledge and skills critical to mission accomplishment. Managers shall support employee training, retraining, mentoring and coaching, and organizational development activities that are required to improve work performance, increase the value of employee contributions, and improve service to our customers.

(j) NASA shall delegate, to the lowest practicable level, the authority to use the flexibilities in applicable laws and regulations and are required to hold managers accountable for exercising sound judgment and complying with applicable laws and regulations. Therefore, the officials designated in paragraph 5.b are hereby delegated the authority, not retained by the Administrator in paragraph 5.a, to administer all human capital management programs, including administering the Oath of Office and personnel-appointing authorities, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This authority may be re-delegated, in writing, pursuant to Title 5 of the United States Code (U.S.C.); Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); and relevant NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) limitations.


a. This NPD is applicable to NASA Headquarters and NASA Centers, including Component Facilities, and Technical and Service Support Centers.

b. This NPD does not apply to the Office of the Inspector General, which has independent authority pertaining to the management of IG human resources management under Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, Public Law (Pub. L.) 111-25, Inspector General Act of 1978.


a. 29 U.S.C., º201, et. seq., Fair Labor Standards Act.

b. 42 U.S.C. º2473(c)(1), Section 203(c) of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, as amended.

c. 5 CFR, parts 1-1199, Administrative Personnel.

d. 14 CFR, Chapter V., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Part 1200.


a. Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, Pub. L. 111-25, Inspector General Act of 1978.

b. NPD 3410.2F, Employee and Organizational Development.


a. The Administrator retains the authority to:

(1) Establish and allocate ceilings for positions above GS-15 unless otherwise delegated.

(2) Request approval from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to authorize an exception to the termination of annuity or annuity offset when appointing retired Federal civilian personnel, unless otherwise delegated by the Administrator.

(3) Approve details, or extensions of details, to the White House.

(4) Appoint members to advisory committees, subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act unless otherwise delegated.

(5) Approve appointments of non-U.S. citizens, except to Student Educational Employment Program positions.

(6) Approve new Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) appointments, details, and extensions of non-U.S. citizens to NASA Senior Executive Service, Senior Level (SL) and Scientific or Professional (ST) positions, and NASA Excepted Service (NEX) positions unless otherwise delegated.

(7) Approve IPA assignments of NASA SES, SL, ST, and NEX employees to non-Federal entities.

(8) Approve performance awards for NASA SES, SL and ST members.

(9) Recommend to OPM for approval, by the Director of OPM or by the President, the following:

(a) Individual employee award recommendations greater than $10,000.

(b) Recommendations for Presidential Rank Awards.

(c) Approve critical position pay in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 5377 and 5 U.S.C. 9807.

(10) Approve requests for restoration of annual leave for Center Directors and Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices, unless otherwise delegated.

(11) Approve the establishment of any firefighter or law enforcement officer position that is covered by special retirement provisions. This includes the establishment of and approval for waivers of the maximum entry-level age.

b. Except where retained by the Administrator, the following officials shall have the authority in the human capital management program areas identified in paragraph 1:

(1) NASA-wide:

(a) Deputy Administrator.

(b) Associate Administrator, Chief of Staff, and Associate Deputy Administrator.

(c) Associate Administrator for Mission Support Directorate.

(d) Assistant Administrator for Human Capital Management.

(2) Centerwide:

(a) Center Directors or designee(s).

(b) For Headquarters, the Executive Director for Headquarters Operations, except as provided in each NPR, as listed in the Responsibility section of this NPD. (

c) The Office of Human Capital Management shall provide overall leadership and policy direction for human capital management programs.






NPD 3000.1B, Management of Human Resources, dated August 30, 2005.

Revalidated December 14, 2010, Original signed by
/s/ Frederick D. Gregory
Acting Administrator


CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

IPA - Intergovernmental Personnel Act

NPD - NASA Policy Directive

NPR - NASA Procedural Requirements

NEX - NASA Excepted Service

NSSC - NASA Shared Services Center

OIG - Office of the Inspector General

OPM - Office of Personnel Management

Pub. L. - Public Law

SES - Senior Executive Service

SL - Senior Level

STP - Scientific or Professional

U.S.C. - United States Code

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