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NPR 8910.1D
Effective Date: February 09, 2022
Expiration Date: February 09, 2027

Subject: Care and Use of Animals

Responsible Office: Office of the Chief Health & Medical Officer

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Table of Contents


P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 Applicable Documents and Forms
P.5 Measurement/Verification
P.6 Cancellation

Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1 Animal Research at NASA
1.2 Policy Implementation
1.3 NASA Principles for the Ethical Care and Use of Animals Implementation
1.4 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare, Office of Extramural Research, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health and National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Chapter 2. Responsibilities

2.1 CHMO, Flight IACUC IO, and Office of Research Assurance
2.2 Chief Veterinary Officer
2.3 Attending Veterinarians
2.4 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Chairs
2.5 Center Directors
2.6 Institutional Officials
2.7 Program Personnel
2.8 Principal Investigators

Chapter 3. Criteria for IACUC Approval

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Criteria for Research Sponsored or Funded by NASA, Conducted in NASA Facilities/Spacecraft, or Using NASA Resources.
3.3 Criteria for Research Sponsored or Funded by International Partners, Conducted at NASA Facilities/Spacecraft, or Using NASA Resources
3.4 Criteria for Research Sponsored or Funded by NASA, Conducted in International Partner Facilities/Spacecraft, or Using International Partner Resources

Chapter 4. NASA Specific Requirements

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Veterinary Care, Compliance, and Response
4.3 IACUC Responsibilities and Processes
4.4 Communication of Animal Health and Welfare
4.5 Vertebrate Animals and Higher Order Cephalopods Section Review
4.6 Standard Housing Guidelines for ISS
4.7 Photo Documentation Policy
4.8 Biospecimen Sharing Program
4.9 Flight Rules and Operational Documentation
4.10 Science Requirements
4.11 Engineering Requirements
4.12 Noncompliance, Unanticipated Adverse Events, and Corrective Actions
4.13 Emergency/Disaster Plan
4.14 Records Management

Appendix A. Definitions
Appendix B. Acronyms
Appendix C. NASA Principals for the Ethical Care and Use of Animals


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