EO 12905
Effective Date: March 25, 1994

Responsible Office: Office of General Counsel


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution
and the laws of the United States of America, including the
Federal Advisory Committee Act, as amended (5 U.S.C. App.), and
section 135(c)(1) of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended (19 U.S.C.
2155(c)(1) ("Act"), it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1.  Establishment.  There is established in the Office of
the United States Trade Representative ("Trade Representative"
the "Trade and Environment Policy Advisory Committee"

Sec. 2. Membership.  (a) The Committee shall consist of not more
than 35 members, including, but not limited to, representatives
from environmental interest groups, industry (including the
environmental technology and environmental services industries),
agriculture, services, non-Federal government, and consumer
interests.  The Committee should be broadly representative of the
key sectors and groups of the economy with an interest in trade
and environmental policy issues.
     (b)  The Chairman of the Committee shall be elected by the
Committee from among its members.  Members of the Committee shall
be appointed by the Trade Representative, in consultation with
the Cabinet secretaries described in section 2155(c)(1) of title
19, United States Code, for a term of 2 years and may be
reappointed for any number of terms.  Appointments to the
Committee shall be made without regard to political affiliation. 
Any member may be removed at the discretion of the Trade

Sec. 3. Functions. (a)  The Committee shall provide the Trade
Representative with policy advice on issues involving trade and
the environment.
     (b)  The Committee shall submit a report to the President,
to the Congress, and to the Trade Representative at the
conclusion of negotiations for each trade agreement referred to
in section 102 of the Act.  The report shall include an advisory
opinion on whether and to what extent the agreement promotes the
interests of the United States.
     (c)  The Committee may establish such subcommittees of its
members as it deems necessary, subject to the provisions of the
Federal Advisory Committee Act and the approval of the Trade
Representative, or his designee.
     (d)  The Committee shall report its activities to the Trade
Representative, or his designee.

Sec. 4. Administration. (a) The Trade Representative, or his
designee, with the advice of the Chairman, shall be responsible
for prior approval of the agendas for all Committee meetings.
     (b)  The Trade Representative, or his designee, shall be
responsible for determinations, filings, and other administrative
requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act.
     (c)(1)The Trade Representative shall provide funding and
administrative and staff support for the Committee.

     (2)  The Committee shall have an Executive Director who
shall be a Federal officer or employee designated by the Trade
     (d)  Members of the Committee shall serve without either
compensation or reimbursement of expenses.
     (e)  The Committee shall meet as needed at the call of the
Trade Representative or his designee, depending on various
factors such as the level of activity of trade negotiations and
the needs of the Trade Representative, or at the call of two-
thirds of the members of the Committee.

Sec. 5. General.  The Committee shall function for such period as
may be necessary.  In accordance with the Federal Advisory
Committee Act, the Committee shall terminate after 2 years from
the date if this order unless otherwise extended.

                         /s/William J. Clinton

March 25, 1994.


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