EO 12926
Effective Date: September 12, 1994

Responsible Office: Office of Human Resources and Education


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution
and the laws of the United States of America, including section
301 of title 3, United States Code, and in order to ensure, as
required by section 7(b) of the National Voter Registration Act
of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 1973gg) ("the Act"), that departments,
agencies, and other entities of the executive branch of the
Federal Government corporate with the States in carrying out the
Act's requirements, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1.  Assistance to States.  To the greatest extent
practicable, departments, agencies, and other entities of the
executive branch of the Federal Government that provide, in whole
or in part, funding, grants, or assistance for, or with respect
to the administration of, any program of public assistance or
services to persons with disabilities within the meaning of
section 7(a) of the Act shall: (a) provide, to State agencies
administering any such program, guidance for the implementation
of the requirements of section 7 of the Act, including guidance
for use and distribution of voter registration forms in
connection with applications for service;

     (b) assist each such State agency administering any such
program with the costs of implementation of the Act, consistent
with legal authority and the availability of funds, and promptly
indicate to each State agency the extent to which such assistance
will be made available; and

     (c) designate an office or staff to be available to provide
technical assistance to such State agencies.

Sec. 2.  Armed Forces Recruitment Offices.  The Secretary of
Defense is directed to work with the appropriate State elections
authorities in each State to develop procedures to apply to
register to vote at Armed Forces recruitment offices as required
by section 7(c) of the Act.

Sec. 3.  Acceptance of Designation.  To the greatest extent
practicable, departments, agencies, or other entities of the
executive branch of the Federal Government, if requested to be
designated as a voter registration agency pursuant to section
7(a(3)(B)(ii) of the Act, shall: (a) agree to such a designation
if agreement is consistent with the department's agency's, or
entity's legal authority and availability of funds; and

     (b) ensure that all of its offices that are located in a
particular State will have available to the public at least one
of the national voter registration forms that are required under
the Act to be available in that State.

                              /s/William J. Clinton

September 12, 1994.


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