EO 13414
Effective Date: November 03, 2006

Responsible Office: Office of Protective Services
Subject: Executive Order 13414 Amendment to EO 13402, Strengthening Federal Efforts to Protect Against Identity Theft

Amendment to Executive Order 13402, Strengthening Federal Efforts To Protect Against Identity Theft By the President of United States of America,and by the Constitution, and in order to amend the dateby which the Identity Theft Task Force shall submit to the President itscoordinated strategic plan, it is hereby ordered that section 3(a) of ExecutiveOrder 13402 of May 10, 2006, is amended to read as follows: ??reviewthe activities of executive branch departments, agencies, and instrumentalitiesrelating to the policy set forth in section 1, and building upon these prioractivities, prepare and submit in writing to the President by February 9,2007, or as soon as practicable thereafter as the Chairman and Co-Chairmanshall determine, a coordinated strategic plan to further improve the effectivenessand efficiency of the Federal Government?s activities in the areas ofidentity theft awareness, prevention, detection, and prosecution.??.

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