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HQPD 2800.1
Effective Date: September 03, 2009
Expiration Date: June 03, 2019
Responsible Office: LM2
Headquarters Centrally-Funded Information Technology (IT) Resource Allocation
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This directive establishes the Headquarters policy for all centrally-funded allocations of Information 
Technology (IT) resources, including but not limited to computers, computer peripherals, Personal 
Digital Assistants (PDAs), cellular phones, desk phones, network printers, fax machines, and 
multifunction devices (MFDs).


This directive is applicable to all Headquarters organizations that request centrally-funded IT 
resources for employees and/or onsite contractors.  See attachment A for organizations that receive 
centrally-funded IT resources.


a. NPD 2800.1B, Managing Information Technology, March 21, 2008
b. NPR 2800.1B, Managing Information Technology, March 20, 2009  


a. NPR 3713.1A, Procedures for Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals with 
Disabilities, March 28, 2008.


a.  The Headquarters Chief Information Officer (CIO) or designee shall: 

(1) Authorize the issuance of all centrally-funded IT resources and ensure that NASA Headquarters 
(HQ) employees and onsite contractors have the required IT resources to permit accomplishment of 
their organizational responsibilities and ultimately their mission goals.

(2) Fund, manage, and distribute all centrally-funded IT resources at NASA Headquarters.  See 
attachment A for IT Resource Allocation Procedural Requirements.

b.  Mission Directorates and the Office of Education are responsible for funding their IT resources 
unless approved by the Executive Director for Headquarters Operations.







Christopher Jedrey
Executive Director for Headquarters Operations

Attachment A

Attachment A

Centrally-Funded Organizations 

Standard IT resources are generally funded for all Headquarters Administrator Staff Offices and 
Mission Support organizations.  Mission Directorates and the Office of Education generally fund 
their own IT resources.

Standard IT Equipment Assigned to Individuals

Every HQ employee receives the basic equipment required to perform the fundamental duties of 
his/her position.  Each user shall be provided IT resources as follows:

1. Computer and associated peripherals including: monitor, mouse, docking station (for 
laptops), and keyboard with Agency approved software.  Computers are refreshed on a 36-month 

2. Desktop telephone.

3. Network access to both monochrome and color printers -  access will be provided within a 
reasonable distance (usually within 60 feet) for group use as a primary printing device.

4. Access to a network Multi-Function Device - access will be provided within a reasonable 
distance for group use for photocopying, faxing, scanning and secure printing.

5. In addition to the resources allocated above, individuals in the following positions will be 
issued a PDA with cell phone capability, refreshed every 18-months:
(a) Office's Associate or Assistant Administrator (AA) or equivalent
(b) Deputy AA or equivalent
(c) Division Director within the office (as designated by the office AA)
(d) Key Emergency Management personnel (as designated by the Branch Chief, Emergency 
Management and Administrative Branch, Facilities and Administrative Services Division)

Requests to provide multiple telephone related devices to a single individual, including PDA, 
calling card, or cell phone, must follow the "increased allocation request" processes identified 

Standard IT Equipment Assigned to Offices

To provide for office printing, scanning, copying, and fax requirements, network printers and 
multifunction devices are allocated throughout the building per the following:

1. Multifunction devices (MFD) - devices with print, scan, copy and fax capabilities are 
strategically placed on each floor to ensure accessibility by all floor occupants.

2. Printers - strategically placed on each floor to ensure accessibility by all floor occupants.

3. Fax - Stand-alone fax devices are not funded as part of the standard allocation.  Requests for 
these devices are processed using the "Increased allocation requests" procedure outlined below.

Increased Allocation Requests

To address customer needs beyond the standard allocations outlined in this policy, customers 
may request additional IT resources.  The head of a Headquarters Office may request additional 
centrally-funded IT resources for their employees (each specifically identified by name) or 
organization by submitting written justification to the HQ Chief Information Officer (CIO) or 
designee.  Written justification must be supported with a detailed description associated with a 
specific mission-related task or a critical assignment as well as duration.  The HQ CIO will 
determine whether the issuance of additional IT resources is warranted and funds are available.  
If the request is approved, the Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD) will 
then issue the equipment.  Types of requests include:

1. Additional devices for the organization - one or more resources designated for shared or 
"go-to" use within the office may be requested.

2. Additional devices for the individual - multiple devices for a single user or a user not 
authorized under this policy.  This includes the issuance of a second computer such as a Mac for 
a PC user, or a cell phone for an individual with a PDA (that has a phone).  Personal printers are 
available; however, a security-related justification must be submitted to ITCD for approval.

3. IT hardware Upgrades - this includes centrally funded higher end equipment, including 
larger monitors.  

4. Unsupported IT hardware - new or specialty equipment or software not currently available.

Increased Allocation Request Criteria

The following criteria will be used by the HQ CIO when evaluating a request for additional 
allocation of centrally-funded equipment beyond the scope of the IT Resource Allocation Policy.

NOTE:  Approvals will be dependent upon the availability of funding.

1. Safety:  Does the request address a direct safety concern relative to the mission of NASA HQ?

2. Mission Critical Requirement: Does the request define a mission critical requirement that 
cannot be met without the use of the services provisioned through requested equipment?  
Example:  Individual must respond to launch-related emergencies.  

3. Position Responsibilities: Does the role and responsibilities of the individual requesting the 
equipment sufficiently justify the additional need?  Example: Individual must respond to events 
within specific time frames that cannot be met without the services provided through a PDA.

4. Reasonable Accommodations: Does the request define a medical or other need for 
additional IT equipment as documented by an approved EEO reasonable accommodation 
request?  Is a reasonable accommodation request on file with the HQ Equal Opportunity and 
Diversity Management Division? (See NPR 3713.1A, Procedures for Providing Reasonable 
Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities.)

5. Other Funds - Are there other fund sources available to fulfill the request?

Customers will be notified of the status of their increased allocation request within 2 weeks of 

Other Alternatives 

1. Loaner Pool Program:  The Loaner Pool Program provides equipment on a first-come first-
serve basis to satisfy short-term IT requirements for employees on travel, or those with other 
short-term needs.  The loans typically do not exceed two weeks.  In some cases a request in 
excess of two weeks may be approved.  Loaner Pool requests are processed via a call to the IT 
Help Desk at 358-HELP (4357) on a first-come first-serve basis.

An employee who wishes to borrow Loaner Pool equipment must sign a Loan Agreement that 
includes the borrower's name, checkout date, planned return date, and other pertinent 
information.  A copy of the Loan Agreement is available from the Loaner Pool Program Manager.

For a current list of IT hardware available through the loaner pool, please visit the ITCD web site 

2. User Resource Center: The User Resource Center (URC) is a walk-in technology lab 
configured with a variety of Macintosh and Windows workstation configurations. The URC is 
located at CX42.  The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Available services include: 
- Scanning workstation 
- File conversions 
- Above core applications such as Photoshop, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Visio, etc. 
- Compact disk library capabilities 
- Archiving data to a CD Rom 
- Limited color printing capabilities

Staff members are available to assist users as needed in providing real time technical advice, end 
user support, troubleshooting/consultation services, and problem resolution. Use of specialized 
equipment may require scheduling based on demand.  The General Information Line is 358-

3. Organizational Funds: Organizations may provide their own funds for IT resources if central 
funding is not available or if their requirement does not meet the increased allocation request 

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