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HQPD 5137.1B
Effective Date: February 28, 2006
Expiration Date: June 28, 2019
Responsible Office: LM
NASA Headquarters Office and Workstation Space Policy
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Responsible Office: Headquarters Facilities & Administrative Services Division


a. This directive sets forth the policy and procedures for space planning 
standards and utilization for all office space under the control of NASA 

b. To provide efficient and effective office and workspace for NASA 
Headquarters civil service personnel and limited space and support services to 
other than NASA HQ civil service personnel as outlined in Attachment 


This directive is applicable to all organizations in regard to space acquired 
and/or controlled by Headquarters and the occupants therein and is not 
intended to contradict any other policy, procedure or requirement.


a.  42 U.S.C. 2473, section 203,National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958, 
as amended, 
b.  48 CFR Part 45.101, Government Property
c.  48 CFR 45.302, Providing Government Property to Contractors


a.  NPD 1000.3, the NASA Organization.

b.  NPR 1441.1D, NASA Records Retention Schedules, Schedule 1, Item 89.

c.  Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between NASA Headquarters and the 
NASA Headquarters Professional Association (NHPA), dated December 19, 

d.  FAR, Part 45.101, Government Property and Part 45.302. Providing 
Government Property to Contractors.


a. Officials-in-Charge (OIC) of Headquarters Offices are responsible for the 
following: (1) Ensuring that personnel in each organization comply with this 
directive; (2) Designating an organization point of contact (POC) as liaison 
with the Headquarters Facilities and Administrative Services Division.

b. The Executive Director for Headquarters Operations, through the 
Headquarters Labor Relations Officer, is responsible for ensuring compliance 
with Federal labor management relations requirements.

c.  The Executive Director for Headquarters Operations shall maintain the
established Organizational personnel ceilings and make the final decision 
regarding exceptions to workspace assignment criteria.

d. The Director, Headquarters Facilities and Administrative Services 
Division, is responsible for administering this Policy to ensure maximum 
efficiency and utilization. The Director is responsible for: (1) Managing all 
space under control of NASA Headquarters; (2) Retaining configuration 
control of all space within Headquarters; (3) ensuring all space configuration 
records are maintained and disposed of in accordance with NPR 1441.1, 
NASA Records Retention Schedules; (4)Reconciling space assignment records 
with the CAD/CAFM system in conjunction with input from organization 

e. Organization POCs are responsible for coordinating all space assignments, 
reassignments, moves or modifications through the Headquarters Facilities 
and Administrative Services Division.






HQPD 5137.1A, dated December 3, 2002.

Assistant Administrator for
Infrastructure and Administration


1. Space Policy a. Office and workstation space assignments shall be assigned to civil service personnel and detailees based on their actual or equivalent grade and seniority. b. Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) employees and consultants shall be assigned office and workstation space based upon salary/grade equivalency. c. When civil service employees within an organization are performing comparable roles and responsibilities and more than one employee is at the same time-in-grade, space will be assigned based upon the Federal service computation date. d. Space assignments will be formalized and considered complete when a corresponding HONURS request is submitted by an Organization POC and approved by the Facilities and Administrative Services Division Director. e. All Headquarters organizations will be assigned an office footprint by the Facilities and Administrative Services Division. The office footprint is the block of space that is authorized for that organization based upon their authorized staffing. Authorized staffing is the combination of the Total Organization Ceiling (TOC) and the Other Ceilings (OC) for each organization. f. Organizations may, with the approval of the Director of Facilities and Administrative Services, exceed staffing levels (TOC and OC) for short duration assignments, not to exceed 120 days, in support of the office mission so long as the additional staffing is accommodated within the organization's approved office footprint. Typical reasons for this may be to phase in/phase out employees, and to accommodate PAVE and other assignments. These requests may be submitted and approved by email. g. To the greatest extent possible, and in relation to the other available resources, vacant space will be reassigned to those organizations with prevailing requests although the reassignment may be a temporary one. h. Reconfiguration of space to comply with this policy will be made when a division or organization undergoes space realignment. i. The Office of Facilities and Administrative Services Division reserves the right to withdraw space from a contractor in favor of civil service accommodation. No less than 15 days notice will be given. 2. Office Space Criteria a. The following are the typical office and workstation size templates to be used by all organizations for space planning purposes. Actual approved office sizes/shapes may result in slight variations from the target number shown due to placement of structural (columns, windows, etc.) features of the Headquarters space. Associate/Assistant Administrator - 300 square foot private office Deputy Associate/Assistant Administrator - 200 square foot private office Senior Executive Service and equivalent- 150 square foot private office General Schedule Supervisor - 150 square foot private office General Schedule 15 - 100 square foot private office General Schedule 5-14 - 75 square foot workstation Detailees, Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA) employee, Consultant, Intern, Student and Co-op - Assignment based on salary/grade equivalency Contractor - 56 square foot workstation b. Supervisory positions are those that are officially recognized (position classification) and require the exercise of supervisory or managerial responsibilities that meet the minimum requirements for application in the General Schedule Supervisory Grade Evaluation Guide or similar position classification standards of the applicable pay schedule or system. These positions are identified by the supervisory status code "2" in the NASA payroll system (Federal Personnel Payroll System - FPPS). c. Advance notice and an opportunity to review prepared office space plans, will be provided to the NASA Headquarters Professional Association (NHPA) in accordance with the NASA Headquarters/NHPA MOA. 3. Exception to Office Space Criteria a. Exceptions to the above policy may be granted from time to time as a reasonable accommodation for:(1) Qualified persons with disabilities; (2) Temporary quarters pending proper office construction and configuration;(3) Short term project/assignment with definite end date. b. National security or the handling of other sensitive information, per se, does not constitute an automatic prima facie case for a private office or an exception. Examples of functions that may justify differing space assignments may include personnel counseling or other special circumstances. c. On occasion, a contractor supervisor may be assigned a private office when a request is submitted with a justification and approval granted. d. Requests must be submitted to Headquarters Facilities and Administrative Services Division, who will coordinate with the Headquarters Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management Division for reasonable accommodation for qualified persons. e. When a request pertains to the office or workspace of a bargaining unit employee, or impacts a bargaining unit employee, the Human Resources Management Division will notify the NASA HQ Professional Association (NHPA), in accordance with the NASA Headquarters/NHPA MOA.

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