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HQPD 6730.1
Effective Date: July 07, 2015
Expiration Date: July 07, 2020
Responsible Office: LM3
Home-to-Work Vehicle Use by the Administrator
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This Policy defines the Administrator's authority to use and to authorize use of
home-to-work transportation provided at the government expense pursuant to 31 U.S.C. 1344.
The Administrator may make such use of a government-provided passenger vehicle for
transportation between his residence and NASA Headquarters according to the following
a. The Administrator is authorized home-to-work transportation for a residence in the
greater Washington, D.C., area. (31 U.S.C. 1344.)
b. Home-to-work transportation is authorized for travel to and from the Administrator's
residence and NASA Headquarters. While entroute, incidental travel is authorized for
unofficial business provided travel does not result in a substantial deviation from the
home-to-work route or require a substantial expenditure of driver time. (41 C.F.R. 5.100.)
c. Passengers are not authorized to accompany the Administrator during home-to-work
travel, except that passengers may accompany the Administrator if they travel from the
same point of departure and to the same destination. (41 C.F.R.102-5.105.)
d. The Administrator may authorize home-to-work transportation for employees engaged in
fieldwork, or faced with a clear and present danger, an emergency, or compelling
operational consideration. For person whom there is a clear and present danger, emergency
or compelling operational considerations the initial determination shall be effective for
not more than 15 days. An initial determination shall be effective for two years for those
employees authorized home to work transportation for purpose of fieldwork. The
Administrator must report any determination for home-to-work transportation to Congress no
later than 60 calendar days after approval. (41 C.F.R. Part 102-5.)
e. The driver assigned to provide home-to-work travel, whether a NASA employee or
contractor, is not authorized to provide any personal services not intrinsic to the safe
and efficient operation of the vehicle and delivery of the Administrator to the required
destinations. (41 C.F.R. 5.100.)
f. Notwithstanding any of the above guidelines, the Administrator shall exercise his
authority to use home-to-work transportation at government expense in a manner consistent
with the ethical principles of avoiding waste or the inefficient use of government
resources and any appearance thereof. (5 C.F.R.2635.101(b).)


This policy applies to the Administrator, and other NASA employees and contractors
involved in providing authorized home-to-work transportation.


a. Passenger Carrier Use, 31 U.S.C. 1344
b. Motor Vehicle Management, 41 C.F.R. Pt. 102-34
c. Home to Work&#xa;Transportation, 41 C.F.R. Pt. 102-5
d. Basic Obligation of Public Service, 5 C.F.R. 2635.101(b)




a. Office of Headquarters Operations shall:
(1) Provide for a government-owned passenger vehicle in accordance with this directive, or
if it is in the Agency's interest, execute a contract to provide for a suitable vehicle.
(2) Execute a contract to provide a competent and qualified driver for the vehicle.
(3) Ensure an accurate and detailed record is kept regarding the Administrator's use of
home-to-work transportation and all associated expenses. 
(4) Calculate an amount of the Administrator's estimated tax liability for the purposes of
income tax withholding ;using attachment A and report this amount to the NSSC for W-2







Jay M. Henn
Executive Director of Headquarters Operations

Travel Exempt from Tax Withholding

1. Travel from the Administrator residence to an official place of business (other than
NASA Headquarters) or vice versa.
2. Travel enroute to the Administrator's residence from NASA Headquarters (or an official
business stop in the Washington Metropolitan area) to the airport for temporary duty, if
the trip to residence is for the purpose of picking up incidentals related to the trip.
3. Travel enroute to the Administrator's residence from the airport to NASA Headquarters
(or an official business stop in the Washington Metropolitan area) from temporary duty, if
the trip to residence is for the purpose of dropping off incidentals related to the trip.
4. Travel, on an infrequent, episodic basis, during non-duty hours from an official event
being held within the Washington Metropolitan area to the Administrator's residence or
vice versa.
5. Home-to-Work travel that occurs no more than one day per given month, but not every
month, during a given year. "De minimus" use applies, and the Administrator is not subject
to tax withholding.

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