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HQPD 8812.1
Effective Date: October 07, 2008
Expiration Date: June 28, 2024
Responsible Office: LM
Use of Alcoholic Beverages on NASA Headquarters Property
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Updated to comply with 1400 Compliance, added measurement/verification statements and made administrative changes.


a. It is NASA’s policy to assign responsibility for 
requesting, monitoring, and approving the use or temporary 
storage of alcoholic beverages on NASA Headquarters (HQ) 
property.  Except as specified herein, all persons entering 
in or on Federal property, including the NASA HQ building, 
are prohibited from being under the influence of or using 
alcoholic beverages.  The limited use of alcoholic 
beverages as part of occasional events sponsored by NASA HQ 
organizations may be permitted provided the requirements 
set forth in this HQPD are observed.  

b. Requests for exemptions will be for one or two specific 
time(s) and date(s), and requests for standing exemptions 
will not be approved.  Sponsoring organizations remain 
responsible for conducting these events in a manner that 
does not compromise the safety of employees, guests, and 
the public, or the public perception of NASA.


This policy applies to all functions that will or may 
include the use or temporary storage of alcoholic beverages 
within the NASA HQ building.  Alcoholic beverages that are 
intended for presentation to an individual employee as part 
of a retirement ceremony or similar event, and that will 
not be opened or consumed on the NASA HQ premises, are not 
subject to this directive.


a. NPD 8701.1 NASA Policy for Safety and Mission Success

b. NPD 8710.2, NASA Safety and Health Program Policy

c. NPR 3752.1, Disciplinary and Adverse Actions

d. NPR 8715.1, NASA Occupational Safety and Health Programs

e. NPR 1600.1, NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements

f. Title 41 CFR § 102-74.405 


5 U.S.C. § 7103 - U.S. Code - Unannotated Title 5. 
Government Organization and Employees § 7103. Definitions; 


a. The Executive Director, Office of Headquarters 
Operations shall: 
(1) Approve or deny all requests for exemptions.

(2) Notify the HQ Chief of Security of all approvals and 
event details. 

b. Only supervisors are authorized to sponsor an event.  As 
defined in 5 U.S.C. § 7103 (a)(10), supervisors are those 
individuals who devote a preponderance of their time and 
have the authority to hire, direct, assign, promote, 
reward, etc. employees in more than a clerical nature 
requiring the consistent exercise of independent judgment.  
The sponsor of an event at which alcoholic beverages will 
be consumed shall:

(1) Submit advance written requests (including by e-mail) 
for exemption of the use of alcoholic beverages to the 
Executive Director, Office of Headquarters Operations using 
Attachment-1 (Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic 
Beverages) of this document.  All requests should be 
submitted to the Executive Director at least seven business 
days prior to the event.

(2) Include in the request a description of the steps the 
sponsor will take to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol 
by attendees.

(3) Follow the plan outline in the request for exemption to 
ensure that consumption of alcohol is monitored and 
controlled to prevent excessive consumption. 

(4) Ensure that non-alcoholic beverages shall also be 
available to attendees and food should be served.

(5) Serve an amount and type of alcohol appropriate to the 
anticipated number in attendance and the duration and 
purpose of the event.  

(6) Ensure that any underage personnel in attendance do not 
consume alcoholic beverages.

(7) Take precautions to prevent impaired individuals from 
driving a motor vehicle.  Safe transportation home should 
be arranged for these individuals at the individual's 
expense.  This HQPD is not intended to, and does not, 
create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, 
enforceable at law or in equity, by any party against the 
United States, its departments, agencies or entities, its 
officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

(8) Before, during and after the event, emphasize personal 
responsibility to all attendees and encourage personnel to 
watch out for their coworkers and fellow event attendees.

(9) Ensure alcoholic beverages are not ordered, purchased, 
or brought to NASA HQ until approval is received per this 

(10) Coordinate with HQ Security the physical introduction 
and removal of alcohol onto the premises, retaining a copy 
of the approved request with the beverages at all times. 

c. Event Attendees shall:

(1) Not bring their own alcohol for consumption to any 

(2) Limit appropriate consumption of beverages provided by 
the sponsor of the event.

(3) Take proper precautions to monitor and control their 
intake of alcohol.

(4) Not return to work under the influence of alcohol.

(5)  Refrain from operating any motor vehicle if doing so 
would violate applicable traffic laws.

(6) All individuals working at NASA HQ are required and 
expected to report to their work activities in an 
appropriate mental and physical condition to perform their 
duties.  This ensures a safe and secure working environment 
for all employees and ensures the safety of members of the 
public on NASA HQ property. 

(7) Event attendees will be held accountable for complying 
with the subparagraph (c) of this HQPD.  Federal employees 
who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action, 
which includes removal from the Federal service. Contractor 
employees who violate the policy will be handled in 
accordance with the contractor's policy via the applicable 
Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR). 




a. The HQ Chief of Security shall notify the Executive 
Director, HQ Operations of any violations of this policy 
with respect to attempts to bring alcohol into the HQ 
building without an approved request and with respect to 
the usage and/or storage of alcohol within the building 
without an approved request.

b. The Director, Facilities and Emergency Services 
Division, shall notify the Executive Director, HQ 
Operations of any violations of this policy with respect to 
the storage of alcohol within the building (unless 
temporarily and specifically covered by an approved 
request) that may be noted during safety inspections or 
other scheduled or ad hoc inspections of the building and 

c. Event sponsors, and/or the HQ Chief of Security, notify 
the Executive Director, HQ Operations of any employee 
conduct violations or similar inappropriate behaviors 
related to alcohol usage that occur during approved events. 


HQPD 8812.1, Use of Alcoholic Beverages on NASA Property, 
dated October 7, 2008 

Revalidated on June 10,2019

Jay M. Henn
Executive Director of Headquarters Operations


TO:	  Executive Director, Office of Headquarters 


SUBJECT:  Request for Approval to Serve Alcoholic Beverages

On (date), (organization name) plans to host an event and 
would requests to serve alcoholic beverages to those 
participating in the event. The details of the event are as 

Description of event:  


Time/Date: (include start and end times)

Number of participants expected:

Amount and Type of alcohol to be served: 

Controls on consumption: (e.g., bartender, service ceases 
one hour before conclusion of event, designated driver 
program, non-alcoholic alternatives, food etc.)

The point of contact for this request is: (provide name and 
telephone number)

As the sponsor for this event, I acknowledge by signature 
that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to the 
governing policy on Use of Alcoholic Beverages on NASA HQ 
Property, HQPD 8812.  No alcohol will be stored in the NASA 
HQ building following the conclusion of this event.