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HQPR 1280.3C
Effective Date: June 22, 2010
Expiration Date: June 22, 2016
Responsible Office: IA
Conducting Management System Review
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Appendix A: Definitions

A.1 Corrective Action Tracking Database - An automated system used to support the life cycle management of non- conformances and observations.

A.2 Lead Reviewer - An individual qualified through training to organize and oversee an MSR, under the direction of the Review Manager, and report MSR findings. The Lead Reviewer shall complete an approved Agency auditing course or have demonstrated experience and knowledge of auditing techniques. The Lead Reviewer may be

a NASA OICMS employee or a qualified contractor working under contract with OICMS.

A.3 Management System Review (MSR) - A systematic and independent examination performed by a qualified NASA HQ employee or contractor to verify whether management activities and related results comply with the HQ policies and procedures and to determine the effectiveness of the HQ Management Systems.

A.4 MSR Entity - The HQ organization being reviewed. The organization may be a Mission Directorate, Mission Support Directorate, Office of the Administrator staff organization, or any HQ sub-organization such as a functional office.

A.5 MSR Summary Report - At the conclusion of an MSR a report is generated to document findings identified during the MSR. The report will be structured in accordance with NPD 1210.2, NASA Surveys, Audits, and Reviews Policy.

A.6 Non-conformance - Breakdown in internal control, which did or could adversely affect the organizational unit's ability to meet its mission responsibilities and objectives, by not preventing risks to those responsibilities and objectives from occurring or by not timely detecting risk occurrence.

A.7 Non-conformance Report - Report identifying non- conformance details and requirements for correction.

A.8 Objective Evidence - Qualitative or quantitative information, records, or statements of fact pertaining to a process or procedure that is based on observation, measurement, or testing and is verifiable.

A.9 Observation - There are two types of observations:

(1) positive observation. A positive observation may recognize a best practice or a particularly coherent or efficient process; (2) negative observation. A negative observation is a finding that may not have enough objective evidence associated with it to generate a non-conformance but may lead to a non-conformance. Based on an analysis by the Review Manager, a negative observation may be elevated to a non-conformance.

A.10 Point of Contact (POC) - The person representing the MSR Entity.

A.11 Recommendation - An insight or suggestion as to how a process or procedure may be enhanced or a specific non- conformance may be addressed.

A.12 Review Manager - The OICMS employee responsible for managing the MSRs.

A.13 System Reviewer - An individual qualified through training to perform an MSR. The System Reviewer shall complete an approved Agency auditing course or have demonstrated experience and knowledge of auditing techniques. System Reviewers may be NASA employees or qualified contractors working for OICMS.

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