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HQPR 1280.3C
Effective Date: June 22, 2010
Expiration Date: June 22, 2016
Responsible Office: IA
Conducting Management System Review
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Chapter 1. Management System Review Procedure Steps

1.1 The OICMS Review Manager shall identify the MSR entity Point(s) of Contact (POCs), and coordinate the planned dates of the review with the POC.

1.2 The Review Manager shall draft an MSR announcement memorandum to send to the selected NASA Headquarters Official-In-Charge (OIC). The memorandum identifies the MSR scope, planned dates and Reviewers.

1.2.1 The Review Manager shall forward the memorandum to the Assistant Administrator of OICMS for review and approval.

1.2.2 After approval, the Review Manager shall send the memorandum to the appropriate OIC at least 2 weeks prior to the planned start date of the MSR.

1.3 The Review Manager shall select the Lead Reviewer. The Lead Reviewer must be qualified through training or experience to organize and oversee the MSR under the direction of the Review Manager, and report MSR findings. The Lead Reviewer must be assigned in sufficient time to prepare for the MSR and must be available for the duration of the MSR and its related activities.

1.4 The Lead Reviewer shall work with the Review Manager to select System Reviewer(s) who will conduct the MSR. The Lead Reviewer must contact the System Reviewers to ensure that they will be able to commit time to the MSR.

1.5 The Lead Reviewer and System Reviewers shall prepare for the MSR by:

1.5.1 Reviewing the MSR Announcement Memorandum.

1.5.2 Reviewing results of previous internal and external reviews.

1.5.3 Reviewing documentation and procedures applicable to the MSR.

1.5.4 Reviewing and tailoring MSR checklists.

1.5.5 Coordinating preparations with the MSR entity POC.

1.6 The Lead Reviewer and System Reviewers shall:

1.6.1 Conduct the MSR in accordance with the HQ MSR Audit Guide.

1.6.2 Complete and sign MSR checklists and capture notes during each interview session.

1.6.3 Identify any non-conformances.

1.6.4 Conduct daily end-of-day meeting(s) to discuss MSR activity and results.

1.6.5 Create draft non-conformances and observations.

1.6.6 Print the draft report of non-conformances and observations and review with the Review Manager.

1.6.7 Provide the draft report to the MSR entity and POC so that any errors of fact and/or understanding can be corrected.

1.6.8 Complete the MSR Summary Report, with feedback from the Review Manager and the MSR entity, using the template provided by OICMS.

1.7 The Review Manager, Lead Reviewer and System Reviewers shall conduct an exit meeting with the MSR entity management, to include:

1.7.1 Discussing the MSR results.

1.7.2 Providing the MSR Summary Report to the MSR entity management and POC.

1.8 The Lead Reviewer shall prepare the MSR Summary Report and forward to the Review Manager or his/her designee. The report must contain the following items as applicable:

1.8.1The MSR Summary Report(s).

1.8.2 MSR Checklists and notes.

1.9 The Review Manager shall make draft non-conformances (s) and observation(s) official documentation by entering in a corrective action tracking database.

1.10 The Review Manager shall monitor non-conformances in the corrective action tracking database to ensure they are corrected in a timely manner.

1.11 The Review Manager shall verify completed corrective and process improvement actions and perform tests to ensure that they sufficiently resolve the non- conformance.

1.12 The Review Manager shall forward disputed issues identified during non-conformance or observation life cycles to the Assistant Administrator of OICMS for resolution.

1.13 The Review Manager shall summarize the MSR findings to present at the next Mission Support Council meeting.

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