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HQPR 1460.1
Effective Date: February 28, 2006
Expiration Date: June 28, 2024
Responsible Office: LM
Vital Records (Revalidated w/Change 2, 7/2/19)
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CHAPTER 2. Responsibilities

2.1 Information Technology and Communications Division (ITCD), through Goddard Space Flight Center's Logistics Management Division shall manage the HQ vital Records Program.

2.2 Branch Chief, HQ Chief of Protective Services shall approve vital records submissions for storage.

2.3 The HQ vital records Manager shall ensure that policies and procedures are developed and implemented for the identification, collection and transfer of vital records in accordance with NPD 1440.6I, NASA Records Management.

2.3.1 The HQ Vital records Manager shall:

a. Assist organizations in identifying and selecting vital records.

b. Collect and transfer vital records to the designated storage site; and

c. Coordinate vital records inventory updates based on established cycles.

d. Conduct an annual call to review/establish/revalidate vital records.

2.3.2 Each HQ primary organization shall:

a. Designate qualified records custodians and records liaisons who are responsible for identifying and maintaining vital records within their respective organization;

b. Identify and select those records considered mission essential to reestablish operations after an emergency or disaster, and respond to annual call of vital records. At a minimum, each HQ primary organization shall maintain accountability (contact) information for each employee and identify all personnel with the ability to telework:

c. Submit all approved vital records, with the recommended medium, to the HQ vital records manager; and

d. Ensure that approved vital records are updated within 30 business days, if changes occur more frequently than detailed in the established cycle.

2.3.3 The records liaison shall serve as the primary point of contact between their respective organization and the HQ Vital Records Manager.

2.3.4 The HQ Emergency Management Specialist shall designate an (AOF) for HQ emergency operating records, and maintain emergency operating records submissions at the chosen continuity site(s). In addition, the HQ Emergency Management Specialist shall maintain emergency operating records on a NASA SharePoint site with restricted access to HQ Emergency Planning Coordinators, HQ Vital Records Manager, and a designated official at the AOF.

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