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HQPR 1541.1
Effective Date: April 10, 2009
Expiration Date: April 10, 2020
Responsible Office: LM
Parking at NASA Headquarters
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CHAPTER 4. Procedures for Assignment of Parking Permits

4.1 Enrollment

4.1.1 Enroll at or complete NHQ Form 43, "Application for Headquarters Parking Permit" with original signatures of each member and submit to the Headquarters Parking Administrator.

4.1.2 An employee?s participation in this program is subject to approval by the Program Administrator based on the established criteria. Applications shall be retained as a record for two years.

4.2 Applications

4.2.1 Applications are processed in the order in which they are received and reviewed in conjunction with the point-priority system. The point criteria: 1 point for each yearof Government Service (including military service), 1 point for each GS Grade Level and 16 points for SES employee.

4.2.2 Civil Service Personnel, IPA's and Detailees are eligible to park in the Headquarters parking garage on a subscription basis. NASA badged contractors may hold monthly permits or pay the daily rate. Others (visitors and guests) may park in the garage upon presentation of approved identification and for a daily fee.

4.3 Carpools and Vanpools

4.3.1 Members of NASA carpools or vanpools that do not have a NASA badge and wish to enter the NASA HQ Garage shall submit names, social security numbers and dates of birth for all non-NASA carpool members via NASA Headquarters Form 289A and submit to the Parking Administrator. This information will be forwarded to NASA Headquarters Security Office for verification and issuance of the One NASA Photo-ID badge.

4.4 Payments

4.4.1 Upon verification of submitted information; payment is requested to complete the process.

4.4.2 Thereafter, payments will be collected on a quarterly schedule. The rate and time schedule will be announced approximately three weeks prior to the end of the current quarter. Failure to pay the fee by the established deadline will result in forfeiture of the permit. Payments will only be accepted from the permit holder.

4.4.3 Quarterly parking permit subscription fees may be paid by check, money order or credit/debits cards only. Cash is not accepted.

4.4.4 Returned checks are subject to an additional fee of $25 and must be cured before parking privileges are restored. Replacement payment as well as the subsequent two (2) payments shall be made in the form of a money order or cashier's check.

4.4.5 Daily parking at the established rate is available on occasion for civil service personnel, contractors and visitors whopresent valid identification. Only a valid NASA Center badge, Federal Government identification, State driver's license or United States Passport will be accepted. If the "Garage Full" sign is posted, no special provisions can be made.

4.4.6 Daily parking fees may only be paid by cash or NASA distributed Parking Garage Validation Stickers.

4.5 Permits

4.5.1 NASA Headquarters garage parking permits are available to civil service personnel, IPA's and Detailees via quarterly subscriptions and are assigned on a point- priority system with one point for each year of Government Service, including military service, one point for General Schedule Grade Level and 16 points for Senior Executive Service employees.

4.5.2 Upon application approval, a parking permit hang tag will be assigned. Permits shall be displayed on the vehicle at all times. Only one permit per authorized carpool, vanpool or individual will be issued. Permits are not transferrable and lost parking permits must be reported in writing to the Headquarters Parking Administrator.

4.5.3 Designated staff in the Office of the Administrator and Heads of Headquarters Offices shall receive tan-colored permits for parking in the designated area marked by a tan-colored band.

4.5.4 Parking subscriptions and fare transit subsidies cannot be held simultaneously. NASA subsidizes both programs and this singular benefit may not be duplicated.

4.5.5 The principal driver shall notify the Headquarters Parking Administrator of any change in carpool status, includingmembership, vehicle or registration.

4.5.6 Parking permits must be surrendered to the NASA Headquarters Parking Administrator upon termination of garage parking due to departure, dismissal, retirement, carpool disbandment or change in commuting status. A prorated refund of the quarterly fee will issued to thepermit holder for the unused portion.

4.5.7 When demand for parking permit subscriptions exceeds the physical space of the garage, a waiting list will beestablished in conjunction with the point priority system.

4.5.8 Short-term project staff (Detailees and IPA's) may request a parking permit by completing an application and attesting to employee status. Once status is confirmed, all privileges granted to civil service personnel will apply.

4.5.9 Motorcycles and bicycles are accommodated on a "space available" basis and require an application and permit, but no payment is required.

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