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HQPR 1630.1
Effective Date: February 25, 2016
Expiration Date: February 25, 2021
Responsible Office: LM032
Controlling NASA HQ National Security Systems (NSS) Reading Room
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P.1.1 This document establishes procedures for controlling access to and use of the NASA HQ SIPRNET Reading Room.

P.1.2 The Secret Internet Protocol Network (SIPRNET) is a federal government wide computer network allowing secure email and web access between government agencies and industry partners, up to the SECRET classification level.  Local installations of the SIPRNET require dedicated computer terminals and encryption devices.  SIPRNET equipment must be kept within faculties with which access limited to those with the appropriate security clearance and which meet physical security standards.

P.1.3 The NASA HQ SIPRNET Reading Room is the name applied to a suite of rooms located at 1T68.  The classification of the facility is up to SECRET.  It can be scheduled for groups needing to hold meetings where classified information is discussed or individuals who need to access classified electronic data or review classified information.  The suite consists of:

a. Reading Room A (1T72) – A large conference for 12 persons containing a SIPRNET terminal connected to a video projector and an STE secure phone.

b. Reading Room B (1T81) – A small conference room for 6 persons with a SIPRNET terminal.

c. Reading Room C (1T79) – A room with 3 desktop surfaces and a SIPRNET terminal.

The alcove to 1T68 contains a secure fax machine, a shredder rated for classified information, and five drawer safe for temporary storage of classified material.


This directive applies to all NASA HQ personnel and activities, including all contractors, visitors, vendors, guest, and/or anyone else doing business or physically on site at NASA HQ, in accordance with applicable laws and as directed by contractual, grant, and agreement documents.


42 U.S.C. 2455, 2456, 2456a, and 2473(c) – Sections 304 and 203(c), respectively, of the National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958


P.4.1 NPD 1600.2 NASA Security Policy
P.4.2 NPR 1600.1, NASA Security Program Procedural Requirements






Jay M. Henn
Executive Director
Headquarters Operations

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