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HQPR 3000.1
Effective Date: May 24, 2016
Expiration Date: May 24, 2021
Responsible Office: LM4
Student Loan Repayment Program Plan
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Chapter 4. Retention

4.1 Loan repayment may be authorized upon determination that, in the absence of loan repayment benefits, the agency would have difficulty retaining a highly qualified employee. Evidence of need is based on:

a. The unique or high qualifications of the employee or the special need for the employee's services that makes it essential to retain him/her;

b. The likelihood the employee would leave for employment outside the Federal service if he/she does not receive loan repayment benefits. The loan repayment incentive cannot be used for an employee who is likely to leave for another position in the Federal government (5 CFR 537.105 (a)(2)(ii));

c. The extent to which the employee's departure would affect the agency's ability to carry out an activity or perform a function that is deemed essential to the Agency's mission.

4.2 This determination is written with the criteria used to determine the amount of the loan repayment benefit. Managers shall consider the following criteria in deciding the amount:

a. Salary levels reported in published salary surveys for comparable non-Federal positions;

b. Salary documented in a competing non-federal job offer (if applicable);

c. The importance/criticality of the position and the effect on the agency if the employee were to leave;

d. The projected cost of recruitment and training associated with replacement of the employee;

e. The length of service of the employee with NASA;

f. Budget availability.

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