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HQPR 3600.1
Effective Date: September 20, 2010
Expiration Date: September 20, 2022
Responsible Office: LM
Hours of Duty
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CHAPTER 1. Responsibilities

1.1 The Executive Director, Headquarters Operations shall:

a. Establish hours of duty and tours of duty for NASA HQ.

b. Suspend, cancel or amend a particular AWS if that work schedule has had or would have an adverse agency impact. A finding of adverse agency impact may be made if a particular AWS causes a reduction of NASA HQ productivity; a diminshment in the level of services furnished by NASA HQ to the public; or an increase in the cost of NASA HQ operations.

1.2 The Director, Headquarters Human Resources Management Division shall:

a. Oversee and monitor NASA HQ tours of duty.

b. Provide advice and guidance to managers and employees on hours of duty, available tours of duty, and the appropriate recording of time and attendance in WebTADS.

c. Assist managers and supervisors in areas where there is work schedule abuse or where work schedule procedures have been violated.

d. Approve requests for variations in work schedules for educational purposes.

e. Approve requests for First Forty tour of duty for non-SES employees.

f. Approve requests for prior pay period adjustments that are greater than three pay periods old.

g. Evaluate and report on tours of duty usage, trends, and issues to the Executive Director, HQ Operations.

1.3 Managers and Supervisors shall:

a. Enable employees reasonable use of work schedule options on a permanent or temporary basis, including consideration of telework for schedules that cannot be accommodated due to operational needs. (See Chapter 3.3, Criteria and Considerations When Approving Work Schedules).

b. Review and decide on employee work schedules and any permanent or temporary schedule change requests, ensuring coordination of work schedule arrangements to avoid any hindrance to operations or the overall mission of the organization.

c. Communicate internal procedures for requesting changes and/or modifications to work schedules, lunch periods, and credit hours to employees in their organizational unit and ensure that these procedures are communicated to all new employees. Communication of internal procedures should be provided in writing to avoid any misunderstandings.

d. Direct changes in work schedules or modifications, when necessary, to meet operational needs of the organization or when an employee is in non-compliance with his/her approved work schedule.

e. Ensure that requests for changes in work schedules are approved in a fair and equitable manner, ensuring that restrictions or denials are based on sound business or mission-related criteria.

f. Ensure that employees comply with the administrative requirements of their approved work schedule and that productivity, office coverage and public service responsibilities are being met.

g. Ensure there is appropriate work to be accomplished before approving requests to work credit hours for those employees on a Flexible Work Schedule (FWS).

h. Approve requests for part-time or intermittent work schedules (a personnel action will be submitted through the Federal Personnel Payroll System for these work schedules).

i. Ensure a WebTADs point of contact for the organizational unit has been identified. If one has not been identified, designate an employee and submit a NASA Account Management System request for approval of a WebTADs point of contact to the HQ Payroll liaison.

j. Certify each pay period that the time and attendance reported for each employee is accurate.

1.4 Employees shall:

a. Report to work on time and adhere to the agreed upon hours and days of work in accordance with their approved work schedule and in compliance with the provisions and requirements in this HQPR.

b. Request and receive approval by the supervisor to change their tour of duty in WebTADs before starting a new work schedule, including completing the HQ FWS Agreement if requesting a Variable Week or Maxiflex tour.

c. Ensure that their productivity, office coverage and overall responsibilities are fully met at all times. Employees should also make arrangements to attend all meetings necessary to accomplish assigned responsibilities, even if their attendance would interfere with their normal work schedule.

d. Understand that performance or conduct issues may jeopardize approval of AWS requests or continuance in an AWS.

e. Request advance approval of leave, extended lunch periods and/or any permanent or temporary schedule changes or modifications in accordance with the required timeframes.

f. If approved for a FWS, track their credit hour balance to avoid forfeiture at the end of a pay period. In addition, understand that the supervisor cannot allow the use of excess credit hours (over 24 hours) if coverage of official business hours or the mission of the organization will be jeopardized.

g. Ensure timely and accurate recording of time worked and leave taken for each pay period in WebTADs, including any approved overtime, compensatory time and/or credit hours. Falsification of time records by an employee may result in a directed change to a different tour of duty or disciplinary action, including removal from Federal service.

1.5 WebTADs Point(s) of Contact for organizations shall:

a. Ensure time and attendance for the organizational unit are recorded in WebTADs before the end of each pay period.

b. Ensure that the immediate supervisor, or an alternate supervisor, certifies time and attendance in WebTADs for the organizational unit before the end of each pay period.

c. When requested by the supervisor, change work schedules in WebTADs for employees in the organizational unit.

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