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HQPR 3600.1
Effective Date: September 20, 2010
Expiration Date: September 20, 2022
Responsible Office: LM
Hours of Duty
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Chapter 7. Irregular Tours of Duty

7.1 Intermittent or "When Actually Employed" (WAE)

7.1.1 When the work of a less than full-time position is so sporadic and unpredictable that a tour of duty cannot be scheduled in advance, employment will be authorized on an intermittent or WAE basis, i.e., on an occasional or irregular, as needed, basis without a regular tour of duty.

7.1.2 The hours of duty of WAE employees will relate to the day or portion of the day on which services are required. Work will be performed within the regularly established official business hours for NASA HQ.

7.2 First Forty Tour

7.2.1 A First Forty tour is appropriate for a full-time employee when the work situation is such that it is impossible to schedule the hours or days of a regularly scheduled administrative workweek, but the employee would perform at least 40 hours of work in an administrative workweek. In these situations, the first 40 hours of duty is considered regularly scheduled work and constitutes the basic workweek. The first 40 hours should be performed within a period of not more than 6 of 7 consecutive days, without the requirement for specific days and hours within that 6-day period. Part-time employees are not eligible for a First Forty tour.

7.2.2 The requirement for a First Forty tour is based on organizational needs, not an employee's preference. A First Forty tour should be reserved for an employee whose work, by its very nature, is not conducive to a regular schedule. Examples include individuals who may be required to monitor experiments for long periods of time, employees working launches, emergency situations due to weather or continuance of operations, or employees whose work does not conform to the typical office environment.

7.2.3 All work performed by an employee within the first 40 hours of each week is considered regularly scheduled work for premium pay and hours of duty purposes. Any additional hours of officially ordered or approved duty within the administrative workweek should be treated as overtime. As much as practicable, the work time should be restricted between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. to avoid unnecessary premium pay. SES employees are not eligible for overtime or compensatory time.

7.2.4 An employee on First Forty will establish an anticipated work schedule in advance of each administrative workweek to facilitate timekeeping in the event the employee uses leave or works overtime hours, a holiday occurs, and so that the manager can plan meetings and other activities requiring the employee's attendance.

7.2.5 An employee on a First Forty tour is responsible for recording an appropriate form of leave when they are not present on a scheduled workday (i.e., annual, sick, or other earned time in the employee's account). This leave should not exceed 8 hours in any one day. If an employee is in a leave status for the entire workweek, the employee is considered as a regular employee and is charged with 40 hours of appropriate leave. Any time less than 40 hours in a week is charged to an appropriate leave category.

7.2.6 An employee on a First Forty tour observes the same holidays as other employees. The employee is given credit for 8 hours holiday time toward his or her 40 hour workweek. Hours worked during or on a holiday in excess of 8 hours may be counted toward the 40 hours, but the first 8 hours worked are recorded as the holiday and are, therefore, the hours worked that are subject to holiday pay.

7.2.7 A mandatory30-minute unpaid lunch period will be included in addition to each scheduled day, if scheduled to work 8 or more hours a day.

7.2.8 An employee on a First Forty tour is ineligible for glide time, flexilunch, and credit hours.

7.2.9 Requests for First Forty:

a. Senior Executive Service employees may request a First Forty tour at least one full pay period in advance of the requested effective date and be approved by their immediate supervisor without further approval.

b. For non-SES employees a written request should be submitted by the immediate supervisor to the Director, HQ HRMD, for approval at least one full pay period in advance of the requested effective date. The request shall include:

(1) A description of the specific situation and why the duties cannot practically be performed on a regular schedule without causing additional costs or adversely affecting the organization's ability to carry out its assigned function;

(2) The duration of the situation; and

(3) The name(s), title(s) and grade(s) of the employee (s) affected.

c. A copy of the approval/disapproval should be forwarded to the HQ HRMD Payroll Liaison.

d. Once approved for a First Forty tour, the work schedule will be entered into WebTADS by the end of the first week of the pay period in which it is effective.

e. An employee should promptly revert to a Standard tour at the end of the duration of the situation, unless a different tour is approved by the supervisor.

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