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HQPR 6000.1
Effective Date: February 24, 2017
Expiration Date: February 24, 2022
Responsible Office: LM
NASA Headquarters Motor Pool Vehicle Policy
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Chapter 3. Government Vehicle Reservations – Requests/Cancellations

3.1 Government Vehicle Request

3.1.1 Vehicles are available on a first-come, first serve basis. Reservations can be made as far in advance as desired, subject to higher priority request as determined by HQ Operations.

3.1.2 Only NASA HQ Employees, NASA Employees Detailed to NASA HQ and authorized Contractors can reserve a vehicle. Exceptions can be made for NASA Employees traveling from other Centers on a case-by-case basis. NASA HQ employees will receive priority when a conflict arises.

3.1.3 Request for vehicles used daily during normal duty hours can be made directly with the Colonial Parking garage Manager at 202-358-2415. The information needed to request a vehicle for daily use is the following:

a. Date and times of use.

b. Name of persons reserving the vehicle.

c. Name of the driver.

d. The destination.

e. Number of passengers.

3.1.4 Request for vehicles used after the normal duty hours will be made with and approved by the NASA HQ Transportation Officer.

a. A copy of your approved travel order email to the Transportation Officer.

b. Date and times of use.

c. Name of persons reserving the vehicle.

d. Name of the driver.

e. The destination.

3.2 Reservation Cancellation

If a vehicle is scheduled and plans change, the employee is responsible for notifying the Colonial Parking Manager of that change in advance. If the scheduled vehicle is not to be used, such cancellation will be reported at the earliest possible date but in no event less than four working hours in advance of the scheduled departure time. If such reporting is done the vehicle can be reassigned.

3.3 Key Pick Up, Vehicle Parking, Key Drop Off

3.3.1 Vehicle keys can be picked up at the Colonial Parking Managers Office on garage level P1. Keys are to be picked up at Motor Pool during office hours. If departing other than normal business hours, arrange to pick up the keys before the office closes. Keys will be attached to a plastic pouch which includes the vehicle credit card for gas. You will also be given a trip log sheet, vehicle inspection sheet and instructions on accident/emergency information.

3.3.2 Only the person scheduled to drive the vehicle can pick up the keys and operate the vehicle.

3.3.3 At the conclusion of the trip, the driver will promptly return the keys and all documentation to the Colonial Parking Manager. If after hours, there is a deposit slot in the Office where keys can be deposited. The trip log sheet will be filled out and all receipts turned in if applicable.

3.3.4 If the gas tank is below half full the vehicle will be returned full.

3.3.5 Vehicles should be backed into the government labeled parking spot.

3.3.6 When the vehicles are returned after hours your government id badge will provide access to the underground parking garage.

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