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HQPR 8621.1
Effective Date: November 08, 2011
Expiration Date: June 08, 2019
Responsible Office: LM
Mishap Reporting, Investigating, and Recordkeeping Program and Plan
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Appendix G: Mishap Classification and Investigation Type

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1. Occurs when the Administrator, AA, MDAA, CD, Chief/OSMA, or CHMO decides that the high-visibility mishap or high-visibility close call should be investigated by a MIB.

2. Only when Administrator desires.

3. Only when the mishap or close call involves an aircraft.

4. Only when the mishap or close call involves an injury or fatality.

5. When needed.

6. When the mishaps or close calls involve Mission Directorate programs/projects/activities that are not managed by a Center, program, or project, where the mishaps or close calls have occurred outside the Center's gates.

7. Onsite human research subjects.

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