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HQPR 8710.1
Effective Date: October 07, 2008
Expiration Date: June 07, 2019
Responsible Office: LM
Emergency Preparedness Plan
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APPENDIX A. Acronyms
CFR - Code of Federal Regulations
COOP - Continuity of Operations
DAT - Damage Assessment Team
EMT - Emergency Management Team
ENS - Emergency Notification System
EO - Executive Order
EOC - Emergency Operations Center
EPC - Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
EPP - Emergency Preparedness Plan
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency
FOC - FEMA Operations Center
FPC - Federal Preparedness Circular
FPS - Federal Protective Service
HAZMAT - Hazardous Materials
HQPD - Headquarters Policy Directive
HSPD - Homeland Security Presidential Directive
IC - Incident Commander
ICP - Incident Command Post
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
JIC - Joint Information Center
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
NCR - National Capital Region
NCP - National Oil\Hazardous Contingency Plan
NFC - National Fire Code
NPD - NASA Policy Directive
NPR - NASA Procedural Requirement
NRC - National Response Center
NRF - National Response Framework
NSEP - National Security Emergency Preparedness
OEP - Occupant Emergency Plan
OET - Occupant Emergency Team
PA - Public Address System
PDD - Presidential Decision Directive
TT&E - Test, Training and Evaluation
WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

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