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HQPR 8710.1
Effective Date: October 07, 2008
Expiration Date: June 07, 2019
Responsible Office: LM
Emergency Preparedness Plan
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Table of Contents | PREFACE | Chapter1 | Chapter2 | AppendixA | AppendixB

Table of Contents


P.1 Purpose
P.2 Applicability
P.3 Authority
P.4 Applicable Documents
P.5 Distribution

Chapter 1. Basic Emergency Preparedness

1.1 Overview
1.2 Roles and Responsibilities
1.3 Supervisor Responsibilities
1.4 Employee Responsibilities
1.5 Personnel With Special Needs
1.6 Recovery
1.7 Drills and Exercises

Chapter 2. Assumptions

2.1 Assumptions

Appendix A. Acronyms

Appendix B. References

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